The Works of the English Poets: With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, Volume 4

Samuel Johnson
C. Bathurst, 1779

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Pagina 99 - but now lead on, In me is no delay; with thee to go, 615 Is to ftay here; without thee here to ftay, Is to go hence unwilling; thou to me Art all things under Heav'n, all places thou, Who for my wilful crime art banifh'd hence. This further confolation yet fecure
Pagina 43 - Fix'd on this day ? why do I overlive, Why am I mock'd with death, and lengthen'd out •To deathlefs pain ? how gladly would I meet 775 Mortality my fentence, and be earth Infenfible, how glad would lay me down As in my mother's lap ? there I mould reft And fleep fecure ; his dreadful voice no more
Pagina 73 - fo violence Proceeded, and oppreffion, and fword-law Through all the plain, and refuge none was found. Adam was all in tears, and to his guide Lamenting turn'd full fad ; O what are thefe, 675 Death's minifters, not men, who thus deal death Inhumanly to men, and multiply Ten thoufand fold the
Pagina 4 - far. So glifter'd the dire Snake, and into fraud Led Eve our credulous mother, to the tree Of prohibition, root of all our woe; 645 Which when fhe faw, thus to her guide me fpake. Serpent, we might have fpar'd our coming hither, Fruitlefs to me, though fruit be here to
Pagina 4 - vapor, which the night 635 Condenfes, and the cold environs round, Kindled through agitation to a flame, Which oft, they fay, fome evil Spi'rit attends, Hovering and blazing with delufive light, Mifleads th' amaz'd night-wand'rer from his way 640 To bogs and mires, and oft through pond or pool, There fwallow'd up and loft, from fuccour far.
Pagina 73 - And now prepare thee for another fight. 555 He look'd, and faw a fpacious plain, whereon Were tents of various hue; by fome were herds Of cattel grazing; others, whence the found Of inftruments that made melodious chime Was heard, of harp and organ ; and who mov'd 560 Their
Pagina 80 - derive his name, Though of rebellion others he accufe. He with a crew, whom like ambition joins With him or under him to tyrannize, Marching from Eden tow'ards the weft, mall find 40 The plain, wherein a black bituminous gurge Boils out from under ground, the mouth of Hell; Of brick, and of that
Pagina 49 - but a flow-pac'd evil, A long day's dying to augment our pain, And to our feed (O haplefs feed!) deriv'd. 965 To whom thus Eve, recovering heart, reply'd. Adam, by fad experiment I know How little weight my words with thee can find, Found fo erroneous, thence by juft event Found fo unfortunate; neverthelefs,
Pagina 73 - fo numerous late, All left, in one fmall bottom fwum imbark'd. How didft thou grieve then, Adam, to behold The end of all thy offspring, end fo fad, 755 Depopulation ! thee another flood, Of tears and forrow' a flood thee alfo drown'd, And funk thee as thy fons; till gently rear'd By

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