The Works of the English Poets: Broome and Pitt

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H. Hughs, 1779

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Halaman 29 - When to the noon of life we rise, The man grows elegant in vice ; To glorious guilt in courts he climbs, Vilely judicious in his crimes. When youth and strength in age are lost, Man seems already half a ghost; Wither'd and wan, to earth he bows, A walking hospital of woes.
Halaman 375 - Their rhimes are more infipid than their drink. Not great Apollo could the train infpire, Till generous Bacchus help'd to fan the fire. Warm'd by two Gods at once, they drink and write, Rhyme all the day, and tipple all the night. Homer, fays Horace, nods in many a place* Put hints he nodded oftner o'er the glafs.
Halaman 228 - His hand protefts us in the fight, And guards us from our woes. Then, be the earth's unwieldy frame From its foundations hurl'd, We may, unmov'd with fear, enjoy The ruins of the world. What though the folid rocks be rent, In tempefts whirl'd away ? What though the hills...
Halaman 270 - You praife low-living, but you live at large. Perhaps you fcarce believe the rules you teach, Or find it hard to praftife what you preach. Scarce have you paid one idle journey down, But, without bufinefs, you're again in town.
Halaman 80 - Soft, I adjure you, by the skipping fawns, By the fleet roes, that bound along the lawns ; Soft tread, ye virgin daughters of the grove. Nor with your dances wake my sleeping love.
Halaman 243 - And find the glorious treafure in the grave. Why is the wretch condemn'd without relief, To combat woe, and tread the round of grief, Whom in the toils of fate his God has bound...
Halaman 283 - Lay by the little band, and rufty wig: But yet be fure, your proper language know, Nor talk as born within the found of Bow. Speak not the phrafe that Drury-lane affords, Nor from Change-alley fteal a cant of words. Coachmen will criticife your ftyle, nay further, porters will bring it...
Halaman 357 - Will fcarce difccrn his diftion from your own. Some, to appear of diffidence bereft, Steal in broad day, and glory in the theft ; When with juft art, defign, and confidence, On the fame words they graft a different fenfe ; Preferve th' unvary'd terms and order too, But change their former fpirit for a new.
Halaman 298 - Afcanius' deeds with equal flame, And longs with him to run at nobler game. For youths of ages paft he makes his moan, And learns to pity years fo like his own ; Which with too fwift, and too fevere a doom, The fate of war had hurried to the tomb. His «yes, for Pallas, and for Lauius, flow, Mourn with their fires, and weep another's woe.
Halaman 354 - Immortal trophies rais'd from fquadrons kill'd, And with vaft fpoils ennobled all the field. § But now to mention farther I forbear, With what ftrong charms they captivate the ear ; When the fame terms they happily repeat, The fame repeated feem more foft and fwcet.

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