The Works of the Late Right Honourable Henry St. John, Lord Viscount Bolingbroke, Svazek 3

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Strana 18 - of man. Incapacity often begets sufficiency; and yet a consciousness of incapacity often begets a jealousy of power, grounded on a sense of the superior merit of other men. The minister, who grows less by his elevation, like a little statue placed on a mighty pedestal, will always have this jealousy strong about him. He
Strana 351 - his oratory entering into a detail with God, as devout persons are apt to do, and, among other particular thanksgivings, acknowledging the divine goodness in furnishing the world with makers of dictionaries! These men court fame, as well as their betters, by such means as God has given them to acquire it:
Strana 352 - not. They deserve encouragement, however, while they continue to compile, and neither affect wit, nor presume to reason. There is a fourth class, of much less use than these, but of much greater name. Men of the first rank in learning, and to whom the whole tribe of scholars bow with reverence. A
Strana 271 - It is limited to the publick good of " the society. It is a power, that hath no other " end but preservation, and therefore can never

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