The Works of the Most Reverend Father in God, William Laud, D.D. Sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Volume 7

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John Henry Parker, 1860 - Theology

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Page 615 - [Domestic Correspondence, SPO] An Act for uniformity. The Service Book. Or shall wilfully or obstinately standing in the same, use any other rite, ceremony, order, &c. Any thing in derogation of the Book, in interludes, plays, songs, rhymes, &c.
Page 31 - made for his lodging and diet for two days before, and one day after his sermon.' Dr. Wordsworth, in his note on this, gives an interesting illustration from a sermon preached at St. Paul's Cross by Sam. Collins. (See Wordsworth's Ecc. Biogr. vol.
Page 350 - doubt not but I have enemies enough to make use of this. But howsoever I must bear it, and get out of the briers as I can. Indeed, my Lord, I have a very hard task, and God (I beseech Him) make me good corn, for I am between two great factions, very like corn between two
Page 132 - upon them in the province of Connaught, instead of their pension *. So, not doubting of your honourable care herein, and humbly praying your Lordship to excuse these short and hasty letters, I leave you to the grace of God, and rest Your Lordship's Very loving poor Friend to serve you, Lambeth,
Page 242 - promises me that he will be resident so soon as with any convenience he can. And this kindness you must needs show him for my sake, for I hope he will do what shall well beseem him. So I leave you to the grace of God, and rest Your very loving Friend, Croydon, Aug.
Page 116 - in the time of Divine Service the Lord Jesus shall be mentioned, due and lowly reverence shall be done by all persons,
Page 142 - pounds for their truth to the King, and continuance of that work at the price to the King and people ; aud as one of the ten dies, another to be bound in his room. When all holes were stopped, then the King could not do it in honour, and God knows what.
Page 552 - true, that things were referred to a New Assembly and Parliament, but in such a way, as that, whereas you write, the perfection of wisdom will consist in the conduct of them, there will certainly be no room left for either wisdom or moderation to have a voice there ; but faction and
Page 289 - the kingdom is in this danger. So that now the King (if he put to it) may anger his enemies at sea ; and 1 hope no man shall persuade him to undertake land-forces out of the kingdom. I did fear everything till this point was gained. it Now, by God's blessing, all may go well, though 47, 74, 17,
Page 551 - looked up and sent. So wishing you all health and happiness, I leave you all to God's blessed protection, and rest Your very loving Friend, W. CANT. m Postscript : I have likewise sent you, Ward de Re militari n , and Junius de

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