The Works of the Rev. Jonathan Swift, D.D. ...: With Notes, Historical and Critical, Volumen 21

W. Durell, 1813
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Página 202 - tis often very pretty. Yesterday it was made of a noble hint I gave him long ago for his Tatlers, about an Indian supposed to write his travels into England. I repent he ever had it. I intended to have written a book on that subject. I believe he has spent it all in one paper, and all the under hints there are mine too ; but I never see him or Addison.
Página 336 - ... capacity, beauty, quickness of apprehension, good learning, and an excellent taste ; the best orator in the House of Commons, admirable conversation, good nature, and good manners ; generous, and a despiser of money. His only fault is talking to his friends in way of complaint of too great a load of business, which looks a little like affectation ; and he endeavours too much to mix the fine gentleman, and man of pleasure, with the man of business. What truth and sincerity he may have I know not...
Página 23 - They may talk of the you know what ,- * but, gad, if it had not been for that, I should never have been able to get the access I have had ; and if that helps me to succeed, then that same thing will be serviceable to the church.
Página 117 - I called at the coffeehouse, where I had not been in a week, and talked coldly a while with Mr. Addison ; all our friendship and dearness are off : we are civil acquaintance, talk words of course, of when we shall meet, and that's all.
Página 219 - Mr Secretary told me the Duke of Buckingham had been talking to him much about me, and desired my acquaintance. I answered, It could not be : for he had not made sufficient advances. Then the Duke of Shrewsbury said, he thought that Duke was not used to make advances. I said, I could not help that; for I always expected advances in proportion to men's quality, and more from a Duke than other men. * The Duke replied, that he did not mean any thing of his quality ; which was handsomely said enough...
Página 28 - The Tories carry it among the new members six to one. Mr. Addison's election has passed easy and undisputed, and I believe, if he had a mind to be king, he would hardly be refused.
Página 309 - ... with France, and very much to the honour and advantage of England ; and the Queen is in mighty good humour. All this news is a mighty secret ; the people in general know that a peace is forwarding. The Earl of Strafford is...
Página 49 - I mend: but methinks when I write plain, I do not know how, but we are not alone, all the world can see us. A bad scrawl is so snug, it looks like a PMD*.
Página 83 - Stay, I will answer some of your letter this morning in bed — let me see. Come and appear little letter! Here I am says he, and what say you to Stella this morning fresh and fasting? And can Stella read this writing without hurting her dear eyes?

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