The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Том 14

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C. and J. Rivington, 1827

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Стр. 352 - His ideas go to the growing melioration of the law, by making its liberality keep pace with the demands of justice and the actual concerns of the world : not restricting the infinitely diversified occasions of men and the rules of natural justice within artificial circumscriptions, but conforming our jurisprudence to the growth of our commerce and of our empire.
Стр. 366 - All the acts of the party, — all things that explain or throw light on these acts, — all the acts of others relative to the affair, that come to his knowledge, and may influence him, — his friendships and enmities, his promises, his threats, the truth of his discourses, the falsehood of his apologies, pretences, and explanations, his looks, his speech, his silence where he was called to speak, — everything which tends to establish the connection between all these particulars, — every circumstance,...
Стр. 351 - These defects, if they happen in the law, can only be remedied by parliament — but where the law is doubtful and not clear, the judges ought to interpret the law to be as is most consonant to equity, and what is least inconvenient.
Стр. 301 - Digest, and in all books of that nature. To give judgment privately is to put an end to reports; and to put an end to reports is to put an end to the law of England.
Стр. 266 - by impeachments for high crimes and misdemeanors, by *' writing or speaking, the particular words supposed to be " criminal are necessary to be expressly specified in such
Стр. 369 - And a presumption, which necessarily arises from circumstances, is very often more convincing and more satisfactory than any other kind of evidence : because it is not within the reach and compass of human, abilities to invent a train of circumstances which shall be so connected together as to amonnt to a proof of guilt, without affording opportunities of contradicting a great part, if not all, of these circumstances.
Стр. 106 - Indies, shall accept, receive, or take directly or indirectly, by himself, or any other person or persons on his behalf, or for his use or benefit, of and from any of the Indian princes or powers, or their ministers or agents (or any of the natives of Asia), any present, gift, donation, gratuity, or reward...
Стр. 256 - ... voice, either actually or virtually, in the judgments given in the high court of parliament. Their attendance in that court is solely ministerial; and their answers to questions put to them are not to be regarded as declaratory of the law of parliament, but are merely...
Стр. 411 - it is declared and ordered by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, that the...
Стр. 403 - Supposing the day appointed by the judgment for execution should lapse before such execution done, (which, however, the law will not presume,) we are all of opinion that a new time may be appointed for the execution, either by the High Court of Parliament, before which such peer shall have Ijeon attainted, or by the Court of King's Bench, the Parliament not then sitting: the record of the attainder being properly removed into that court.

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