The Works of the Right Reverend, Learned and Pious, Thomas Ken ...: Hymnotheo: or, The penitent. Anodynes; or, Alleviations of pain

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J. Wyat, 1721
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Page 423 - ... his tears to the meeknefs of love : " Ejaculations Heav'n-ward fent, Procure fweet eafe, and forrow vent, Why...
Page 397 - ... darkness dwelt, Night more afflicting never felt. With joy and light the saints are blest, Thick night and pain the damned molest ; My dolours to excite Pain and darkness both unite, Yet in my darkness and my pain, Some gleams of joy and light remain. God's favours darkest clouds expel, By pains He frights my soul from hell ; Melts me to humble tears, And his soft love each pang endears ; While gracious God I strive to please, I never want or light or ease. Sun, mend not then for me your pace,...
Page 149 - E'er since I hung upon my mother's breast, Thy love, my God, has me sustained and blest ; My virtuous parents, tender of their child, My education pious, careful, mild, My teachers, zealous...
Page 386 - Soul they juftly weigh'd,And to their Wants due Applications made; Wont tenderly Saints dying to frequent, Their Love, by their own Fervours, to foment ; Saints...
Page 385 - Order," after describing the warnings of the chief pastor to notorious sinners — " When wanton soula who brake Baptismal pact Would league with sin, and with the world contract — " he continues — " He Penance's restorative enjoin'd To mortify the sin, and purge the mind ; True lovers with their tears her lapse bewail'd, And for her pardon humbly Heaven assail'd ; When all her satisfactions were complete, She begg'd her Absolution at his feet.
Page 328 - Scriptare, as well as in profane fiction : — ' Wise God was pleas'd the Angel to select, Appointed Dreams instructive to project ; In Heaven by name of Phylonar well known, Commanded to approach the awful Throne, Ideas of the future World to view, There from God's presence lively schemes he drew ; Of every age, of all the grievous woe, That laps'd Mankind for Sin should undergo ; Him to the sleeping pair, God sent to frame, Breams which should raise pale Dread, Kemorse, and Shame.
Page 75 - Confessions private at their Chairs are made, Which they to Souls command not, but persuade.
Page 137 - I oft recal the Moments dear, Enjoy'd in Penitential Tear, A Beam of Pardon through me Diffufmg Sweetnefs o're my Mind Upon my Knees, while that I I could eternally have dwelt.
Page 298 - My Bulk is Sepulchre, is only Shell, And what within inhabits, cannot tell ; •'Tis by thy Rays all other things I...
Page 397 - When painted Flames within me pent,. Rack all my Nerves to force a Vent, Unable to tranfpire, Enrage my inward Fire ; Raife by compreffion dol'rous Groans, And a tremendous Earthquake in my Bones.

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