The World's Great Classics: Oriental

Timothy Dwight, Julian Hawthorne
Colonial Press, 1899
Library Committee: Timothy Dwight ... Richard Henry Stoddard, Arthur Richmond Marsh, A.B. [and others] ... Illustrated with nearly two hundred photogravures, etchings, colored plates and full page portraits of great authors. Clarence Cook, art editor.

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Seite 119 - To tell a falsehood is like the cut of a sabre; for though the wound may heal, the scar of it will remain.
Seite 231 - Whose feet no shoe had e'er confined, Nor comb passed through her hair; Yet all the queens in damask robes Might nevermore compare With this dear child, who smiling stood, A flow'ret of the spring — In beauty perfect and complete, Like to the moon's full ring. And, as the summer moths that fly Towards the flame so bright, Or as the boats that deck the port When fall the shades of night, So came the suitors ; but she said : — " Why take me for your wife ? Full well I know my humble lot, I know...
Seite 262 - With roseate hues that pierce th' autumnal haze The spreading dawn lights up Akashi's shore; But the fair ship, alas! is seen no more: — An island veils it from my loving gaze. Attributed to Hitomaro.
Seite 43 - They will not speak a word in joke from which the wise cannot derive instruction ; let them read a hundred chapters of wisdom to a fool, and they will all seem but a jest to him. XXI They tell a story of an abid, who in the course of a night would eat ten mans, or pounds, of food, and in his devotions repeat the whole Koran before morning. A good and holy man heard this, and said, " Had he eaten half a loaf of bread, and gone to sleep, he would have done a more meritorious...
Seite 285 - I want to tell you how much my spirits have been affected lately by continual dreams that I have had. That is why I have called you. WIFE. You are talking rubbish. Dreams proceed from organic disturbance, and do not come true; so pray don't trouble your head about them. HUSBAND. What you say is quite correct. Dreams, proceeding as they do from organic disturbance, do not come true nine times out of ten. Still, mine have affected my spirits to such an extent, that I think of making some pilgrimage...
Seite 286 - HUSBAND. Well, I should say about a week or two. WIFE. That won't do either, if it is to last so many days. HUSBAND. Then for how long would my own darling consent to it without complaining? WIFE. About one hour is what I should suggest; but, however, if you can do it in a day, you are welcome to try.
Seite 36 - She should, above all things, strive not to give way to excitement; and when she experiences any unpleasantness, she should speak of it frankly but with moderation. And if there should be anything worse than unpleasantness she should even then complain of it in such a way as not to irritate the men. If she guides her conduct on principles such as these, even her very words, her very demeanor, may in all probability increase his sympathy and consideration for her. One's self-denial and the restraint...
Seite 252 - When winter turns to spring, Birds that were songless make their songs resound, Flow'rs that were flow'rless cover all the ground ; Yet 'tis no perfect thing: — I cannot walk, so tangled is each hill ; So thick the herbs I cannot pluck my fill. But in the autumn-tide I cull the scarlet leaves and love them dear, And let the green leaves stay, with many a tear, All on the fair hill-side : — No time so sweet as that. Away ! Away ! Autumn's the time I fain would keep alway.
Seite 294 - I am playing no double game." Then she asked why I had not brought you, Taraukuwazhiya, with me; and on my telling her the reason why you had remained at home, "Poor fellow!" said she, "how lonely he must be all by himself! Never was there a handier lad at everything than he, though doubtless it is a case of the mugwort planted among the hemp, which grows straight without need of twisting, and of the sand mixed with the mud, which gets black without need of dyeing, and it is his having been bound...
Seite 63 - I had never complained of the vicissitudes of fortune, nor murmured at the ordinances of heaven, excepting on one occasion, that my feet were bare, and I had not wherewithal to shoe them. In this desponding state I entered the metropolitan mosque at Cufah, and there I beheld a man that had no feet. I offered up praise and thanksgiving for God's goodness to myself, and submitted with patience to my want of shoes.

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