The Worldwide List of Alternative Theories and Critics

Editions d Assailly, 1 nov. 2020 - 2504 pages

This list (only avalailable in english language) includes scientists involved in scientific fields.

The 2021 issue of this directory includes the scientists found in the Internet. The scientists of the directory are only those involved in physics (natural philosophy).

The list includes about 10 000 names of scientists (doctors or diplome engineers for more than 70%). Their position is shortly presented together with their proposed alternative theory when applicable. There are more than 2500 authors of such theories, all amazingly very different from one another.

Ce répertoire, exclusivement disponible en langue anglaise, inclut les scientifiques, exclusivement dans le domaine de la physique.

L'édition 2021 de cette liste comporte près de 10 000 noms de scientifiques, (docteurs ou ingénieurs à plus de 70%). Elle précise leur position de manière succincte et expose, le cas échéant, les lignes directrices de la solution alternative qu'ils proposent. Il y a ainsi plus de 2500 auteurs de telles théories, toutes remarquablement différentes.


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Excellent compilation and effort to bring authors-alternate theories and critics together.
Jean de Climont must be complimented by one and all independent researchers
Cosmology Crisis since
2018 is now open dialogue and vision is yet to dawn upon scientific community at large not to mislead basic Science from Nature,Philosophy, origins Cosmology Vedas
Vidyardhi Nanduri

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Please. I looked myself up here, The description of my work is hopelessly garbled. It looks like a robot took snippets of my writings and combined them to make meaningless sentences. It makes my work look silly. Also, I do not want my email published. Thank you.

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