The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali: An Interpretation

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United Lodge of Theosophists, 1920 - California - 74 pages

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Page 65 - Form signed by Associates of The United Lodge of Theosophists. Inquiries are invited from all persons to whom this Movement may appeal. Cards for signature will be sent upon request, and every possible assistance furnished Associates in their studies and in efforts to form local Lodges. There are no dues of any kind, and no formalities to be complied with. Correspondence should be addressed to GENERAL REGISTRAR, The United Lodge of Theosophists, Los Angeles, California.
Page 45 - THE ascetic acquires complete control over the elements by concentrating his mind upon the five classes of properties in the manifested universe; as, first, those of gross or phenomenal character; second, those of form; third, those of subtle quality; fourth, those susceptible of distinction as to light, action, and inertia; fifth, those having influence in their various degrees for the production of fruits through their effects upon the mind.
Page 66 - Like the Association of Free and Independent Theosophists which has sponsored it, this monthly magazine is devoted to the promulgation of Theosophy as it was given by Those who brought it.
Page 18 - This has been all explained in the Kavya-prakas"a [ii. 10-12]. But enough of this churning of the depths of rhetorical discussions. This yoga has been declared to have eight things ancillary to it (anga) ; these are the forbearances, religious observances, postures, suppression of the breath, restraint, attention, contemplation, and meditation [ii. 29]. Patanjali says, " Forbearance consists in not wishing to kill, veracity, not stealing, continence, not coveting " [ii. 30]. " Religious observances...
Page 65 - The policy of this Lodge is independent devotion to the cause of Theosophy, without professing attachment to any Theosophical organization. It is loyal to the great Founders of the Theosophical Movement, but does not concern itself with dissensions or differences of individual opinion.
Page 46 - ... those having influence in their various degrees for the production of fruits through their effects upon the mind. FROM the acquirement of such power over the elements there results to the ascetic various perfections, to wit, the power to project his innerself into the smallest atom, to expand his innerself to the size of the largest body, to render his material body light or heavy at will, to give indefinite extension to his astral body or its separate members, to exercise an irresistible will...
Page 67 - LOS ANGELES, CALIF Students interested in obtaining a clear and correct understanding of the actual Teachings known under the name THEOSOPHY should have the following books. They can be ordered of any local bookseller, or orders may be sent direct to The United Lodge of Theosophists. The prices given include postage.
Page 67 - ISIS UNVEILED (2 Volumes) .... 6.50 A Master Key to Science and Theology, the work that broke the moulds of men's minds." By HP Blavatsky. THE SECRET DOCTRINE (2 Volumes and Index) 12.50 The Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy, containing "all that can be given out in this century.
Page 47 - ... acquires complete control over the organs of sense from having performed Sanyama (concentration) in regard to perception, the nature of the organs, egoism, the quality of the organs as being in action or at rest, and their power to produce merit or demerit from the connection of the mind with them. THEREFROM spring up in the ascetic the powers; to move his body from one place to another with the quickness of thought, to extend the operations of his senses beyond the trammels of place or the obstructions...
Page 50 - ... destroyed the last germs of desire, there comes a state of the soul that is called Isolation. THE ascetic ought not to form association with celestial beings who may appear before him, nor exhibit wonderment at their appearance, since the result would be a renewal of afflictions of the mind. edge that saves from re-birth." It has all things and the nature of all things for its objects, and perceives all that hath been and that is, without limitations of time, place, or circumstances, as if all...

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