The Young Gentleman's Arithmetick, and Geometry: Containing Such Elements of the Said Arts Or Sciences as are Most Useful and Easy to be Known

J. Knapton, 1714 - 292 σελίδες

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Σελίδα 143 - If the errors are alike, divide the difference of the products by the difference of the errors, and the quotient will be the answer.
Σελίδα 182 - ... center of the same circle, subtend equal arcs ; by bisecting the angles at the center, the arcs which are subtended by them are also bisected, and hence, a sixth, eighth, tenth, twelfth, &c. part of the circumference of a circle may be found. If the right angle be considered as divided into 90 degrees, each degree into 60 minutes, and each minute into 60 seconds, and so on, according to the sexagesimal division of a degree ; by the aid of the first corollary to Prop. 32, Book i., may be found...
Σελίδα 209 - B, c, &c, together ; for when the work is right, their sum will be equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides, wanting 4 right angles.
Σελίδα 182 - ... evidence of this unsettled terminology. Thus, in WELLS' « The Young Gentleman's Arithmetick, and Geometry » (56) is found the following : « The mutual Inclination of two Lines meeting together, is call'd an Angle. And the Lines thus metting together, are call'd the Legs of the Angle. And the Point, wherein they meet, is call'd the Vertex or Head of the Angle, or the angular Point. » Again, on page 186, he has : « An Oblong is that, which has four right Angles, but only the two opposite sides...
Σελίδα 50 - When your Divifor is 12, or confifts only of one fingle Figure, or can be reduced to one, by cutting off Cyphers from its Right-hand, the Work may be eafily performed in one Line, thus : RULE.
Σελίδα 32 - Rule. often as the Right-hand Figure of the Multiplicator fhews, then as often as the next Figure of the Muitipiicator {hews, and fo on.
Σελίδα 170 - Venturing upon Geometry., than the Notion, that a competent Knowledge of fuch Geometrical Elements^ as are of moft Vfe in the common Concerns of Life, can't be attain d to, without extraordinary Fains and Time.
Σελίδα 33 - Figure thereof may (land under that Figure, of the Multiplicator; from which the faid Product arifes. For Inftance : Multiplicand...

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