The acre-ocracy of England, a list of all owners of three thousand acres and upwards. [Entitled.] The great landowners of Great Britain and Ireland


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Página 77 - Baliol college, and admitted to the bar, but preferred political life and entered parliament in 1842, being, several times thereafter re-chosen. In 1845, he was secretary of the treasury and president of the board of trade. He was subsequently chief secretary for Ireland, chancellor of the duchy of Lancaster, and secretary of state for the colonies. In Gladstone's cabinet, 1868, he became secretary for war and a member of the committee of the council on education. In the war office he proposed and...
Página 455 - ... business, are the only conditions under which the British farmer can hold his own. Men of this stamp are far too wise to aspire to the ownership of the lands they till.
Página 476 - Cornwallis). Portraits of the Game and Wild Animals of Southern Africa. Delineated from Life in their Native Haunts, during a Hunting Expedition from the Cape Colony as far as the Tropic of Capricorn in 1836 and 1837, with Sketches of the Field Sports.
Página 475 - Harmonía Ruralis ; or, an Essay towards a Natural History of British Song Birds...
Página 471 - ... the Himalayas. Its pages are also interesting for the graphic description they give of the beasts of the field, the cunning instinct which they show in guarding their safety, the places which they choose for their lair, and the way in which they show their anger when at bay. Colonel Kinloch writes on all these subjects in a genuine and straightforward style, aiming at giving a complete description of the habits and movements of the game.
Página 459 - ... the grand ball, assemblies, entertainments and levees given by Prince Charles Edward when he made his ancestral residence his temporary home. Since the Union of Parliaments in 1707 the picture gallery has been the place of assembly for the election of Scottish representative Peers and here also the Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland holds his annual levees. It is now also used on state occasions by Royalty. Duchess of Hamilton's Drawing Room...
Página 478 - WILSON'S AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGY; or, Natural History of the Birds of the United States ; with the Continuation by Prince CHARLES LUCIEN BONAPARTE. New and Enlarged Edition, completed by the insertion of above One Hundred Birds omitted in the original Work, and by valuable Notes and Life of the Author by Sir WILLIAM JARDINE. Three Vols. Large Paper, demy 4t0, with Portrait of WILSON, and 103 Plates, exhibiting nearly 400 figures, carefully Coloured by hand, half-Roxburghe.
Página 476 - GILLRAY'S CARICATURES. Printed from the Original Plates, all engraved by Himself between 1779 and 1810; comprising the best Political and Humorous Satires of the Reign of GEORGE THE THIRD, in upwards of 600 highly spirited Engravings. Atlas folio, half-morocco extra, gilt edges, £,j ios.
Página 54 - Cornwall ; in 1863 he became Keeper of the Great Seal of the Prince of Wales, as Steward of Scotland, which office, though honorary and unsalaried, is one of high distinction, ranking next to that of Chancellor of the Duchy of Cornwall...

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