The adventures of Gil Blas, of Santillane [by A.R. Le Sage]. tr. by T. Smollett

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Page 196 - so was my husband called , carried me immediately to his castle , that had a very antique air , of •which he was not a little vain. He pretended that one of his ancestors had caused it to be built; and from thence concluded , that there was not a more ancient house in Spain than that
Page 241 - of that lady, as well as of Don Alphonso , when they recollected each other. The Count took no notice of it, so much was he otherwise engrossed, in recounting to us in what manner the robbers had attacked him ; and how they had seized his daughter and him , after having killed his postillion , page , and
Page 32 - she opened her languishing eyes , " Sir , ,, said she , with a feeble voice , " I am ashamed that you have seen my weakness; but, death , which must soon end my torments , will in a little time rid you of an unhappy daughter, •who has dared to dispose of her heart without your consent. « No, my dear Blanche,
Page 212 - to the reader , of which I ought to have taken the advantage, I did not leave off entertaining Mascarini's wife with my passion ; I even pressed her with more ardour than ever to make suitable returns to my tenderness , and was rash enough to take liberties. Upon* which the lady, being affronted with my
Page 191 - complained of it to her husband , who came to me in person , and said, Retire , Lucinda ; though noblemen of my rank attach themselves to such little creatures as you , they must not forget themselves altogether; if we love you more than our wives, we honour our wives more than you
Page 228 - a surer conveyance for their revenge. I ran the husband through the body ; and his brother-inlaw , seeing him out of the question , got to the door , which the duenna and Violante had opened to make their escape while we were engaged, I pursued him into the street, where I rejoined Lamela , who not
Page 123 - that she had been more lucky than I ; that she knew what was become of her sister > having received a letter from Don Fernando himself , importing , that being privately married to Julia , he had placed her in a convent at Toledo. « I have sent his letter to my father, ,, added Seraphina
Page 67 - for some time discovered by her countenance , the pangs which her heart endured. Then , all of a sudden , addressing herself to me , *' Friend ,,, said she , " is Don Lewis run mad ? Tell me if you know , why he writes to me in this gallant style. What demon possesses him ? If he had a mind to break with
Page 122 - went out as I had come in, but so much engrossed by the lady , that it was not difficult for me to perceive I was already captivated by her beauty. I was the more confirmed in this by the eagerness I felt in serving her , and the amorous chimeras which my imagination produced. I fancied that
Page 104 - Marchioness de Chaves ; and , I confess, was satisfied with my condition ; but the destiny I had to fulfil would not permit me to live longer in that lady's house , nor even in Madrid : I will therefore recount the adventure that obliged me to remove from both. Among my lady's maids , there was one named Portia

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