The Antiquarian and Topographical Cabinet: Containing a Series of Elegant Views of the Most Interesting Objects of Curiosity in Great Britain ...

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Page 3 - And snatch'd o'er hill and dale, and wood and lawn. And verdant field, and darkening heath between, And villages embosom'd soft in trees, And spiry towns by surging columns mark'd Of household smoke, your eye excursive roams...
Page 8 - High towers, fair temples, goodly theatres, Strong walls, rich porches, princely palaces, Large streets, brave houses, sacred sepulchres, Sure gates, sweet gardens, stately galleries, Wrought with fair pillars and fine imageries ; All those (O pity!) now are turn'd to dust, And overgrown with black oblivion's rust.
Page 4 - Burghley) disbursed good sums to the repairing thereof; and a stranger, under a feigned name, took the confidence thus to play the poet and prophet on this structure : " Be blithe, fair Kirck, when Hempe is past, Thine Olive, that ill winds did blast, Shall flourish green for age to last.
Page 19 - Tempe or Arcadia ; or those that graced The banks of clear Elorus or the skirts Of thymy Hybla, where Sicilia's isle Smiles on the azure main. Scott. Paignton is a town of considerable extent, clean and comfortable in...
Page 9 - Cuckn aid ; and at , last, AD 1177, fixed a little more easterly near Whitaker, where this Abbey of Byland, dedicated to- the Blessed Virgin, at length was settled, having a noble monastery with a collegiate church, and continued in a flourishing state till the general dissolution. The remains of this splendid Abbey are situated in a most beautiful valley, under the woody steep of Black Hamilton Moor. The building was large and magnificent, composed of lime-stone, and highly enriched in the early...
Page 10 - Clayton, who purchased it in 1736, and in his family it still remains. The Church is a large and ancient structure, consisting of a body and two aisles, with a transept dividing it from the chancel ; from the tower rises a wooden spire, erected in the year 1627. The altar is of oak, handsomely carved. The Church contains many monuments, but none particularly worthy of notice.
Page 4 - ... marks, but the townsmen fearing if they bought it so cheap, to be thought to cozen the king, so that the purchase might come under the compass of concealed lands, refused the proffer. Hereupon, the glass, iron, bells, and lead, which last amounted alone to 480 tons, provided for the finishing thereof, were sold, and sent over beyond the seas, if a shipwreck (as some report) met them not on the way. For the repairing thereof collections were made all over the land, in the reign of queen Elizabeth,...
Page 22 - Abbey, the key-stone of the arch of the east window fell from its place and killed him. This dream he related to Mr. Watts (father of Dr. Isaac Watts,) who advised him not to have any personal concern in pulling down the building ; yet this advice being insufficient to deter him from assisting in the work, the creations of sleep were unhappily realized ; for in endeavouring to remove some boards from the east window to admit air to the workmen, a stone fell and fractured his skull.
Page 1 - But upon seeing the queen, as if he had been struck instantaneously, and " pierced at the presence of a personage so evidently expressing heroical sovereignty, he falls down on his knees, humbly prays pardon for his ignorance, yields up his club and keys, and proclaims open gates, and free passage to all.

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