The Art of Michel' Angelo Buonarroti: As Illustrated by the Various Collections in the British Museum

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Dulau, 1883 - 198 pages

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Page 108 - And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave-clothes : and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go.
Page 79 - Where the gigantic shapes of Night and Day, Turned into stone, rest everlastingly : Yet still are breathing and shed round at noon A twofold influence, — only to be felt — A light, a darkness, mingling each with each ; Both, and yet neither. There, from age to age, Two ghosts are sitting on their sepulchres. That is the Duke Lorenzo. Mark him well. He meditates, his head upon his hand. What from beneath his helm-like bonnet scowls ? Is it a face, or but an eyeless skull ? "I'is lost in shade...
Page 191 - The Italian School of Design, being a Series of Fac-similes of Original Drawings by the most eminent Painters and Sculptors of Italy. With Biographical Notices of the Artists, and Observations on their Works.
Page 110 - The Lazarus is very fine and bold. The flesh is well-baked, dingy, and ready to crumble from the touch, when it is liberated from its dread confinement to have life and motion impressed on it again.
Page 195 - Woodward (BB, FSA). — SPECIMENS OF THE DRAWINGS OF TEN MASTERS, from the Royal Collection at Windsor Castle. With Descriptive Text by the late BB WOODWARD, BA, FSA, Librarian to the Queen, and Keeper of Prints and Drawings. Illustrated by Twenty Autotypes by EDWARDS and KIDD. In 410. handsomely bound, price 2$s.
Page 188 - Life of Michael Angelo Buonarroti: With Translations of many of his Poems and Letters ; also Memoirs of Savonarola, Raphael, and Vittoria Colonna. By JOHN S. HARFORD, Esq., DCL, FRS, Member of the Academy of Painting of St.
Page 41 - Cornice. — Any moulded projection which crowns or finishes the part to which it is affixed, as the cornice of an order, of a pediment, of a door, window, or house.
Page 42 - Lintel, in architecture, a horizontal piece of timber or stone over a door, window, or other opening, to discharge the superincumbent weight.
Page 41 - ... the top of an edifice, usually on a tower or steeple, as of a public building. The word as commonly used means a small tower or turret built on the top of a building. ' Curb-plate. — The plate in a curb-roof that receives the feet of the upper rafters. Dado. — The die or square part in the middle of the pedestal of a column, between the base and the cornice ; also that part of an apartment between the plinth and the impost moulding. Dentil. — An ornamental square block or projection in...
Page 42 - The plaster is only to be laid on as the painting proceeds, no more being to be done at once than the painter can despatch in a day. The colours, being prepared with water, and applied over plaster quite fresh, become incorporated with...

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