The beauties of Scotland, Volume 5

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Page 477 - matter has exuded, which serves to define the angles precisely, and at the same time vary the colour with a great deal of elegance : And to render it still more agreeable, the whole is lighted from without ; so that the farthest extremity is very plainly seen from without: and the air within, being agitated by
Page 312 - who by this time had his hands at liberty, with his left hand seized him by the collar, and jumping at his extended throat, bit it with his teeth quite through, bringing away his mouthful, which he afterwards said was the sweetest bit he ever had in his
Page 477 - each hill, which hung over the columns below, forming an ample pediment; some of these above sixty feet in thickness from the base to the point, formed by the sloping of the hill on each side, almost into the shape of those used in architecture. Compared to this, what are the cathedrals or the palaces built by men
Page 476 - of natural pillars, mostly above fifty feet high, standing in natural colonnades, according as the bays or points of land formed themselves; upon a firm basis of solid unformed rock, above these, the stratum which reaches to the soil or surface of the island, varied in thickness, as the island itself formed into hills or
Page 477 - models or playthings ! imitations as diminutive as his works will always be when compared to those of Nature ! Where is now the boast of the architect? Regularity, the only part in which he fancied himself to exceed his mistress, Nature, is here found in her possession ; and here it has been for ages undescribed. Is not this the school where the art was
Page 406 - The chiefs gathered from all their hills, and heard the lovely sound-. They praised the voice of Cona, the first among a thousand bards : but age is now on my
Page 329 - Finding himself pursued, he took to the mountains, and for several days wandered about the country. Sometimes unattended, he found refuge in caves and cottages ; sometimes he lay in forests, with one or two companions of his distress, constantly pursued by the troops of the conqueror, who had offered a reward of
Page 14 - remote corner, owing to the harmony which had subsisted among them. He assured them, that as soon as they began to split and quarrel among themselves, their neighbours, who till then had treated them with respect, would fall upon them, take their property from them, and expel them from the county. He therefore
Page 476 - "'"'" of the island, the seat of the most remarkable pillars; where we no sooner arrived than we were struck with a scene of magnificence which exceeded our expectations, though formed, as we thought, upon the most sanguine foundations : The whole
Page 410 - own ; but the ball killed both. The houses of the tenants and dependants were surrounded, and every man butchered who was found. Thirty-eight persons were thus surprised in their beds, and hurried into eternity, before they had time to implore the divine mercy. The design was to

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