The Best Business Advice in History

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What happens when a best-selling author with a liberal-arts degree (and a minor in Finance, in case the bottom ever fell out of Art History) finds himself Managing Director of a national book distributor? You'll be surprised -- he sure was. After the initial shock wore off, Kevin Orlin Johnson, Ph.D., found that quotes, quips, and other historical tidbits he'd picked up in his eleven years of graduate school came back to him unbidden and helped him build a wretched little debt-ridden startup into a thriving distribution dynamo. Now he's brought together the most useful gems of insight from history's greatest leaders -- and the howlers of history's most spectacular failures. Sections on Career, Co-Workers, Clients and Customers, and Competitors get you through your day with wit and style; a final section on Conscience helps you laugh your way through those long sleepless nights. And -- just in case you were absent that day -- there's a piercingly funny index explaining who all of these people were.

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