The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey

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John Wiley & Sons, Jul 28, 2008 - Computers - 871 pages
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Since 1984, the quarterly magazine 2600 has provided fascinating articles for readers who are curious about technology. Find the best of the magazine’s writing in Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey, a collection of the strongest, most interesting, and often most controversial articles covering 24 years of changes in technology, all from a hacker’s perspective. Included are stories about the creation of the infamous tone dialer “red box” that allowed hackers to make free phone calls from payphones, the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the insecurity of modern locks.

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User Review  - JonathanGorman - LibraryThing

Usually I hate glossaries. They're usually simple, insulting, and useless. This book needs one though, given the wide range of time and technical materials. I got it from the library, but due to it ... Read full review

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Nearly 20 years of a very specific part of computing history. If you are also interested in social and legal issues in terms of computer hacking and want to learn the details of famous cases such as ... Read full review


Tales from the Distant Past
Numbers That Led to Trouble
Mischief and Ingenuity
The World of Boxes
The Phone Company Infrastructure
Alternate Long Distance March 1984
IBM‚ s Audio Distribution Systems Sure Can Be Fun May 1984
The Dark and Tragic Side of the Great Breakup June 1984
The Secret Service and 2600 Meetings
Major Crackdowns
New Legal Threats
The Next Chapter Spring 2000
Madness Summer 2000
DeCSS in Words Autumn 2000 By CSS
A Summer of Trials Autumn 2000
Signs of Hope Spring 2001

Exploring Caves in Travelnet November 1984
How to Run a Successful Teleconference May 1985
What Happened? January 1986
Cellular Telephones‚ How They Work December 1986
Phones January 1987
Telecom Informer February 1987 By Dan Foley
Getting the Most Out of Equal Access March 1987
Telecom Informer April 1987 By Dan Foley
Paging for Free June 1987 By Bernie S
Cellular Phone Fraud and Where It‚ s Headed July 1987
How Phone Phreaks Are Caught July 1987 By No Severance
Telecom Informer October 1987 By Goldstein
Scanning for Calls Summer 1989 By Mr Upsetter
Other Networks and Systems
The Beginnings of the Internet
The Adventure Continues July 1984
Banking from Your Terminal‚ A Look at PRONTO July 1985
Pursuit for People September 1985
People Express to Be Hacked to Pieces May 1985
The Phone Company with a Lot of Explaining to Do Winter 19881989
A Hacking Victim August 1985 2600 News Service
A Horror Story June 1987 By Mike Yuhas
ICN‚ More Than a Bargain November 1986
2600 Exposes New York Telephone July 1987
Telco Response October 1987
Other HackerRelated Raids
The Constitution of a Hacker March 1984
‚ Look Out He‚ s Got a Computer‚ July 1984
Hacker‚ s View October 1984
A Time for Reflection December 1984
A Hacker Survey August 1987
An Interpretation of Computer Hacking Spring 1988
A Reader‚ s Reply to Captain Zap Summer 1988
Remember Summer 1989
The Media
A Critical Eye
Hacker Conventions
General Computing
Viruses and Trojans
The Internet
New Technology of the Day
Audio Mischief
Miscellaneous Things to Play With
Birth of a LowTech Hacker Winter 19911992
The View of a Fed Summer 1992 By The Fed
Letter from Prison Winter 19921993
Growth of a LowTech Hacker Winter 19921993
A Study of Hackers Spring 1993 By Dr Williams
The Ghost Board Autumn 1994 By Autolycus
Day of the Hacker Summer 1995 By Mrgalaxy
War Dialing Summer 1995 By VOM
Military Madness Autumn 1995
Confessions of a Beige Boxer Spring 1996 By RedBoxChiliPepper
Downsizing Insurance Spring 1997 By Hans Gegen
Adventures with Neighborhood Gates Summer 1999
Wireless Communications
Boxes of the World
Evolution of the Network
Operation Sun Devil and the EFF
20012002 Winter 20012002
Positivity Winter 20022003
Military and War Zones
History and Background
New Tech
Best Buy Insecurities Spring 2003 By W1nt3rmut3
Outsmarting Blockbuster Autumn 2002 By Maniac_Dan
Home Depot‚ s Lousy Security Summer 2005 By Glutton
Secrets of Dell Summer 2000 By Deamtime
Fun with 80211b at Kroger‚ s Spring 2003 By Kairi Nakatsuki
Fun at Circuit City Spring 2000 By ccsucks
Fun with Radio Shack Winter 20012002 By Cunning Linguist
For Credit Card Fraud Autumn 2007 By Anonymous
Hacking Retail Hardware Autumn 2001 By dual_parallel
Fun Facts About WalMart Winter 20012002 By AWM
Retail Hardware Revisited Spring 2002 By dual_parallel
Hacking the Hilton Spring 2004 By Estragon
Cracked Security at the Clarion Hotel Winter 20072008
Electronic Application Insecurity Spring 2005 By clorox
Hacking Soda Machines Autumn 2004 By MeGaBiTe1
Hacking on Vacation Autumn 2002 By Eric
PayPal Hurts Winter 20072008 By Estragon
Hacking Answers by Gateway Summer 2007 By Franz Kafka
RealWorld stuff
Open Your Mind
How Honeypots Work
Why Honeypots Are Not Practical for Everyone
Hacking the Genome Winter 20032004 By Professor L
The Real Electronic Brain Implantation Enhancement Winter 20052006 By Shawn Frederick
Social Engineering and Pretexts Autumn 2007 By Poacher
Symbols and Numbers

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Emmanuel Goldstein has been editor and publisher of 2600 from the start. He also hosts a weekly radio show, Off the Hook; served as technical consultant for the 1995 feature film Hackers; and has testified before Congress on the issue of hacking and where the threat actually lies. You can visit the 2600 web site at, or contact 2600 by mail at 2600 Magazine, PO Box 752, Middle Island, NY 11953.

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