The Billiard Book, Volume 1

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1866 - Billiards - 261 pages
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Page 173 - ... the stroke is considered foul ; and if by the same stroke he pocket a ball, or force it off the table, the owner of that ball does not lose a life, and the ball must be placed on its original spot; but if by that stroke he should pocket his own ball, or force it off the table, he loses a life.
Page 135 - All misses must bo given with the point of the cue, and the ball struck only once ; if otherwise given, the adversary may claim it as a foul stroke, and enforce the penalty, — make the striker play the stroke over again, — or have the ball replaced.
Page 80 - Cannons we come to a direct and never-failing proof of the law, that the ' angle of reflection equals the angle of incidence...
Page 173 - ... 21. If, before a star, two or more balls are pocketed by the same stroke, including the ball played at, each having one life, the owner of the ball first...
Page 122 - I know the characters of nine-tenths of the men who enter this room ; and if I do, some of them are exceedingly bad characters. The calm dead hand at a hazard, whom nothing disturbs from his aim ; the man who plays for a stroke only when it is a certainty, preferring his own safety to his enemy's danger ; the hard hitter, from whom no player is secure ; the man who is always calling his own strokes flukes ; the man who is always calling other people's by that derogatory name ; and the poor fellow...
Page 144 - If a person be appealed to by one of the players, or by the marker, he has then a right to give an opinion, whether he be interested in the game or not ; and...
Page 139 - If the striker play with the wrong ball, and a canon or hazard be made thereby, the adversary may have the balls broken ; but if nothing be made by the stroke, he (the adversary) may take his choice of balls the next stroke, and with the ball he chooses he must continue to play until the game is over.
Page 134 - If the striker make any points, he may continue his game until he ceases to make points. 6. If, when the cue is pointed, the ball should be moved without the striker intending to strike, it must be replaced ; and if not replaced before the stroke be played, the adversary may claim it as a foul stroke.
Page 174 - If the striker should have his next player's ball removed, and stop on the spot it occupied, the next player must give a miss from the baulk to any part of the table he thinks proper, for which miss he does not lose a life.
Page 139 - The playing with the wrong ball must be discovered before the next stroke is played, otherwise no penalty attaches to it. 38. No person has a right to inform the adversary that the striker has played, or is about to play with the wrong ball.

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