The Book of the Camp Fire Girls

Front Cover
National headquarters, 1914 - 80 pages

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Page 14 - It is my desire to become a Camp Fire Girl, and to obey the Law of the Camp Fire, which is Seek beauty Give service Pursue knowledge Be trustworthy Hold on to health Glorify work Be happy This Law of the Camp Fire I will strive to follow.
Page 27 - To name the chief causes of infant mortality in summer. Tell how and to what extent it has been reduced in one American community.
Page 51 - Oh, Fire! Long years ago when our fathers fought with great animals you were their protection. From the cruel cold of winter, you saved them. When they needed food you changed the flesh of beasts into savory meat for them. During all the ages your mysterious flame has been a symbol to them for Spirit. So (to-night) we light our fire in remembrance of the Great Spirit who gave you to us.
Page 21 - As fuel is brought to the fire So I purpose to bring My strength My ambition My heart's desire My joy And my sorrow •To the fire Of humankind For I will tend As my fathers have tended And my father's fathers Since time began The fire that is called The love of man for man The love of man for God To gain the third rank of Torch-Bearer, the girl must be a leader.
Page 56 - ... is given to each girl as she joins. On it is a bundle of faggots, standing for the seven points of the Camp Fire Law. The faggots are part of the pine, the individual symbol. With the ring goes a little poem, teaching the significance of membership in one large body with one high ideal: As faggots are brought from the forest Firmly held by the sinews which bind them, So cleave to these others, your sisters, Whenever, wherever you find them. Be strong as the faggots are sturdy; Be true to your...
Page 53 - Wohelo means love. We love Love, for love is life, and light, and joy, and sweetness. And love is comradeship, and motherhood, and fatherhood, and all dear kinship. Love is the joy of service so deep that self is forgotten.
Page 26 - Fire; this is to include purchase of food, cooking and serving the meal and care of the fire. Two meals prepared in the home without advice or help may be substituted. (2) Mend a pair of stockings, a knitted undergarment, and hem a dish towel.
Page 15 - Seek beauty, Give service, Pursue knowledge, Be trustworthy, Hold on to health, Glorify work, Be happy.
Page 53 - I light the light of work, for Wohelo means work. We glorify work, because through work we are free. We work to win, to conquer, to be masters. We work for the joy of working and because we are free. Wohelo means work.
Page 8 - To perpetuate the spiritual ideals of the home under the new conditions of a social community, through the organization of girls and women into units, divided by ages.

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