The book of the Orphic hymns: together with the principal fragments of other hymns also attributed to Orpheus. The whole extracted from Hermann's edition of the Orphica

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Page xvi - Woe unto you, lawyers ! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge : ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.
Page i - The Mystical Initiations ; or Hymns of Orpheus, translated from the original Greek; with a preliminary Dissertation on the Life and Theology of Orpheus, by Thos.
Page xviii - Orpheum poe'tam docet Aristoteles nunquam fuisse : et hoc Orphicum carmen Pythagorei ferunt cujusdam fuisse Cercopis. At Orpheus, id est, imago ejus, ut vos vultis, in animum meum saepe incurrit. Quid, quod cjusdem hominis in meum aliaa, alise in tuum ? Quid, quod earum rerum, quœ nunquam omnino fuerunt, ñeque esse potuerunt, ut Scyllœ, ut Chimasra?
Page v - Our point, colon, comma, and note of inter-rogation, are modern and of no authority.
Page xiv - As the traditions of Pagan mythology were variously related, the sacred interpreters were at liberty to select the most convenient circumstances; and, as they translated an arbitrary cypher, they could extract from any fable any sense which was adapted to their favourite system of religion and philosophy.
Page i - GENTLEMEN, IF, in the following TYPOGRAPHICAL EXPERIMENT you expect to find a handsome type, you will be very much disappointed: for, as far as beauty is concerned, the type, which I present to you, is no doubt an utter failure. If, however, Gentlemen, you require a Greek type, which, at the same time that it is calculated for ordinary use, approaches nearer to old MSS, than types that have been hitherto used, you will perhaps not consider the following sheets utterly unworthy...
Page ix - Greek character. 2l in the faded writing of some half a dozen mutilated old books. surely every true believer ought to devote a considerable portion of his mortal existence to the study of those letters. the right or wrong understanding of which will. no doubt. equally open to him the gates of Heaven. or of Hades. To conclude. I have not the honour. Gentlemen. of being personally acquainted with any of you. I have not even any friend. with tastes similar to my own. who might encourage my hopes. or...
Page viii - MSS. than types that have been hitherto used," and "represents with tolerable accuracy the forms of the letters used by the Greeks themselves, in the brightest days of their literature I do not mean...
Page vi - I am preparing an edition of Plutarch's treatise " On Superstition, " in Greek and English, which will serve 14 Not but what I have, in one or two instances, corrected what appeared to me evidently false prints.
Page vii - This I said, writing on the 9th. Jan. 1827. The fate of my "Experiment" was soon decided. Very few booksellers condescended to let a copy of the unfortunate production remain in their shops on sale or return. Some said, they did not deal in Greek books; some that they did not deal in new...

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