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Home owners service institute, 1923 - Architecture, Domestic - 316 pages

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Page 296 - The common problem, yours, mine, every one's, Is not to fancy what were fair in life Provided it could be — but, finding first What may be, then find how to make it fair Up to our means...
Page 243 - This attractive Dutch Colonial Bungalow is one of the ninety-six beautiful homes shown in our "Face Brick Bungalow and Small House Plans." The charm and simplicity of the exterior suggests the coziness and comfort of the Interior. The grouping of the living room, dining room, porch and hall is one of the distinctive features of this house. Homes of baiting Satisfaction BEAUTY, durability, fire-safety, comfort and economy are the things every builder wants in his home.
Page 310 - It is designed to be used with or without sand, depending upon the nature of the base or background to which it is to be applied. Wall plasters and other building materials made of gypsum have a remarkable ability to resist fire.1 The reason for this is due to the chemically combined water of crystallization, which, as stated, is about 20 per cent by weight. The heat breaks up these crystals and liberates the water, the process being slower as the heat penetrates farther into the gypsum. As long...
Page 178 - From the porch one enters a small reception hall into the living room. This has a front bay with windows on three sides, insuring plenty of light, and an inviting brick fireplace adds a decorative feature.
Page 261 - ... is fastened. A cement seat is built at either side of the entrance porch, and the front door opens into a small vestibule with a coat closet at one end. This vestibule leads directly into the living room, which extends across the entire front of the house, with a big fireplace at one end and a glass door at the other leading to the terrace at the side. This living room is wainscoted to the height of the frieze with wide V-jointed boards.
Page 149 - The dining alcove is so close to the kitchen as to become almost a part of it and yet is entirely shut off from both kitchen and living room; double doors between kitchen and living room prevent the odors of cooking from getting into the house.
Page 280 - We all recognize that the home is the unit of the nation." Canadians are known for being low-key. Characteristically, Americans raised the stakes. Standing in front of the White House in 1923, President Harding declared that "the home is the apex and the aim, the end rather than the means of our whole social system...
Page 51 - NOTHING more suitable for a village or country home could be had than this informal cottage. Its low sloping roofs create at once an atmosphere of home; there is, however, ample room in the second story gained by long dormers on the side and rear. The living room is of good size and connected directly with the porch and overlooking the space that should be developed as a garden.
Page 99 - THIS interesting little house is derived from the English cottage. It has a nice relation between the rooms on both floors; the living room is large, well lighted and has a pleasant feature in the fireplace ingle with seats on either side. The hall is simply a vestibule space with an entrance to the kitchen through a coat closet. The kitchen is conveniently arranged for efficient operation.
Page 62 - THIS design shows a dignified handling of the Colonial style and is a good type of house for a suburban location. It can be placed near the street. The outlook for the principal rooms is from the front, and to obtain the best exposure it should face north; this gives morning sun in the dining room and sun all day in the living room.

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