The breach of promise, by the author of 'The jilt'.

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Page 312 - When he, who adores thee, has left but the name Of his fault and his sorrows behind, Oh ! say wilt thou weep, when they darken the fame Of a life that for thee was resigned ? Yes, weep, and however my foes may condemn, Thy tears shall efface their decree ; For Heaven can witness, though guilty to them, I have been but too faithful to thee. With thee were the dreams of my earliest love ; Every thought of my reason was thine ; In my last humble prayer to the Spirit above, Thy name shall be mingled...
Page 176 - I have money, and I have real estate," he says. The girl has read in novels that it is better to be an old man's darling than a young man's slave, and so she may be drawn by the commercial offering.
Page 19 - The Lily's height bespoke command, A fair imperial flower, She seemed designed for Flora's hand, The sceptre of her power.
Page 10 - THOUGHT sits upon her happy brow — like light ! — The young, pure thoughts that have no taint of sin ! Making the mortal beauty yet more bright, By the immortal beauty from within ! Oh, blessed youth !— like perfume to the flower Is thought to her — a loveliness the more ! Must she — oh ! must she meet its darker hour, That shows the ghosts of what it showed before...
Page 148 - I hope the time is fast approaching, when we shall be able to give her a little more scope, and then we shall see a very different result.
Page 236 - Queen of the Night, how I bless thy light,' Cried the maid, as a wild hope rush'd Through her whirling brain; and again, and again, Her heart's quick throbbing she hushed.
Page 234 - To conceal in the shades of the fir " Her trembling form, and as she knelt Alone with the moon that night, Her pale cheek told that the maiden felt, That love is...
Page 235 - neath the underwood, Came one whom she knew too well! " Yes, shuffling along with his crab-like gait, Came the hunchback clown who had sighed For Emily's hand: ' Sir Knight, I wait; I have done your bidding...
Page 235 - As he leapt from his steed, he cried; And the moon shone down on his angry frown, And the gentle Emily sighed.
Page 237 - To the lattice she stole, and the pride of her soul Flash'd forth from her beautiful eye; And the knight thought...

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