The Bridal of Salerno: A Romance in Six Cantos, with Other Poems and Notes

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Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1845 - 304 pages

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Page 226 - Robert was the eldest of the seven sons of the second marriage ; and even the reluctant praise of his foes has endowed him with the heroic qualities of a soldier and a statesman. His lofty stature surpassed the tallest of his army : his limbs were cast in the true proportion of strength and gracefulness ; and to the decline of life he maintained the patient vigour of health and the commanding dignity of his form.
Page 226 - Hauteville passed the Alps as a pilgrim, and his first military band was levied among the adventurers of Italy. His brothers and countrymen had divided the fertile lands of Apulia, but they guarded their shares with the jealousy of avarice; the aspiring youth was driven...
Page 232 - Amalphi was oppressed by the arms of the Normans, and sacked by the jealousy of Pisa ; but the poverty of one thousand fishermen is yet dignified by the remains of an arsenal, a cathedral, and the palaces of royal merchants.
Page 235 - ... afterwards, passed into southern Italy. The three republics of Naples, Gae'ta, and Amalfi preserved their independence by exciting enmity between the Lombards and Saracens, who equally menaced them; but these barbarians soon sank into the languor produced by the charms of a southern climate. It seemed as if they had no longer courage to risk a life to which so many enjoyments were attached. When they fought it was with effeminacy; and they hastened the termination of every war, to plunge again...
Page 224 - Guiscard was applied to this master of political wisdom, which is too often confounded with the practice of dissimulation and deceit ; and Robert is praised by the Apulian poet for excelling the cunning of Ulysses and the eloquence of Cicero.
Page 223 - The wood of Soignies is supposed to be a remnant of the " forest of Ardennes," famous in Boiardo's Orlando, and immortal in Shakspeare's
Page 226 - His complexion was ruddy, his shoulders were broad, his hair and beard were long, and of a flaxen colour, his eyes sparkled with fire, and his voice, like that of Achilles, could impress obedience and terror amidst the tumult of battle. In the ruder ages of chivalry, such qualifications are not below the notice of the poet or...
Page 226 - Coutances, in the lower Normandy: the castle of Hauteville was their honourable seat: his father Tancred was conspicuous in the court and army of the duke; and his military service was furnished by ten soldiers or knights. Two marriages, of a rank not unworthy of his own, made him the father of twelve sons, who were educated at home by the impartial tenderness of his second wife. But a narrow patrimony was insufficient for this numerous and daring progeny; they saw around the...
Page 226 - In the ruder ages of chivalry, such qualifications are not below the notice of the poet or historian : they may observe that Robert, at once, and with equal dexterity, could wield in the right hand his sword, his lance in the left ; that in the battle of Civitella he was thrice unhorsed ; and that in the close of that memorable day he was adjudged to have borne away the prize of valour...
Page 231 - Apulian (1. iii. p. 267), contains much truth and some poetry, and the third line may be applied to the sailor's compass: Nulla magis locuples argento, vestibus, auro Partibus innumeris: hac plurimus urbe moratur Nauta maris ccelique vias aperire peritus.

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