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Page 71 - The method of test is to build a smudge fire at bottom of the flue and while the smoke is flowing freely from the flue, close it tightly at the top. Escape of smoke into other flues or through the chimney walls indicates openings that shall be made tight before the chimney is accepted. The test shall be made by the...
Page 70 - It should be at least 3 feet above a flat roof and 2 feet above the ridge of a pitched roof.
Page 9 - Then, with a bungalow arrangement of rooms longer vistas from room to room are possible and that delightfully architectural and decorative effect secured by glimpses through doorways from one room to another is increased by the bungalow plan, which is usually so much more extensive on the ground floor than in the ordinary two-story dwelling.
Page 8 - Somehow people view bungalows as rather "rough-and-ready" and they will tolerate and even admire rough-boarded exteriors, stained or unstained, when in larger two-story dwellings the same construction would be dubbed "cheap.
Page 2 - It seems that these little dwellings have come to stay and one may safely say now that the bungalow of the early days has developed into a really sensible type of domestic architecture, suitable to American living conditions and entirely desirable from the standpoint of architectural design, family comfort, and structural endurance.
Page 7 - It is a peculiarity of the bungalow that it may be used with equal success on the prairie lot, at the seashore, in the hills or on mountain sites.
Page 137 - ... of the building, and the uses to which it is to be put.
Page 2 - The bungalow was accepted in America as an ideal. Beginning in a small way it gathered impetus to itself and quickly swept the country.
Page 208 - You may not care to have your kitchen on the street side of the house, but that is no reason why you should have an unattractive outlook from the rear windows.

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