The Burgomaster's Family: Or, Weal and Woe in a Little World

Scribner, Armstrong & Company, 1873 - 195 Seiten

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Seite 4 - L'homme est un apprenti, la douleur est son maître, Et nul ne se connaît tant qu'il n'a pas souffert. C'est une dure loi, mais une loi suprême, Vieille comme le monde et la fatalité, Qu'il nous faut du malheur recevoir le baptême, Et qu'à ce triste prix tout doit être acheté.
Seite 179 - Bruno's marriage, and of the finding of the letters on her wedding-day. . . . He did not interrupt her. He let her tell him all, but his countenance was pale and rigid, and he held his teeth fast set, as if a struggle was going on within him, to which he did not venture to give the smallest expression. When Emmy had finished, he gently released her from his arms and made her sit by him. He then got up and walked up and down the room two or three times in silence, till he came and stood before her,...
Seite 179 - It was one of those warm, sunny September days with the fresh bracing air which distinguish autumn. The height of the season was over for Sollingen. Most of the visitors of the hotel had gone to their homes, and the few families still remaining there were on the point of leaving, and were enjoying the autumn afternoon, drinking their coffee in the broad verandah which extended along the front of the house. Siword walked slowly along the verandah, and as he bowed to the visitors he cast a long, searching...

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