The campaign of 1914 in France and Belgium

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H. Holt and Company, 1915 - World War, 1914-1918 - 395 pages

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Page xvii - I found the Chancellor very agitated. His Excellency at once began a harangue, which lasted for about twenty minutes. He said that the step taken by his Majesty's Government was terrible to a degree ; just for a word — " neutrality," a word which in war time had so often been disregarded — just for a scrap of paper, Great Britain was going to make war on a kindred nation who desired nothing better than to be friends with her.
Page xvii - Gentlemen, we are now in a state of necessity, and necessity knows no law! Our troops have occupied Luxemburg, and perhaps are already on Belgian soil. Gentlemen, that is contrary to the dictates of international law. It is true that the French Government has declared at Brussels that France is willing to respect the neutrality of Belgium as long as her opponent respects it.
Page xvi - French coasts or shipping, the British fleet will give all the protection in its power. This assurance is, of course, subject to the policy of His Majesty's Government receiving the support of Parliament, and must not be taken as binding His Majesty's Government to take any action until the above contingency of action by the German fleet takes place.
Page 44 - You are ordered abroad as a soldier of the King to help our French comrades against the invasion of a common enemy. You have to perform a task which will need your courage, your energy, your patience. Remember that the honour of the British Army depends on your individual conduct.
Page 397 - Social Life at Rome," etc. 13. MEDIEVAL EUROPE. By HWC Davis. Fellow at Balliol College, Oxford, author of "Charlemagne," etc. 3. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. By Hilaire Belloc. 57. NAPOLEON, By HAL Fisher, Vice-Chancellor of Sheffield University. Author of "The Republican Tradition in Europe.
Page 45 - Your duty cannot be done unless your health is sound. So keep constantly on your guard against any excesses. In this new experience you may find temptations both in wine and women. You must entirely resist both temptations, and, while treating all women with perfect courtesy, you should avoid any intimacy. 'Do your duty bravely, 'Fear God, 'Honour the King. 'KITCHENER, 'Field-Marshal.
Page xi - European policy — the idea of public right. What does it mean when translated into concrete terms ? It means, first and foremost, the clearing of the ground by the definite repudiation of militarism as the governing factor in the relation of states and of the future moulding of the European world. It means next that room must be found and kept for the independent existence and the free development of the smaller nationalities, each with a corporate consciousness of its own.
Page xvii - Jagow again went into the reasons why the Imperial Government had been obliged to take this step, namely, that they had to advance into France by the quickest and easiest way, so as to be able to get well ahead with their operations and endeavor to strike some decisive blow as early as possible. It was a matter of life and death for them...
Page 50 - About 9 in the morning the soldiery, driving before them by blows from the butt ends of rifles men, women, and children, pushed them all into the Parade Square, where they were kept prisoners till 6 o'clock in the evening. The guard took pleasure in repeating to them that they would soon be shot. About 6 o'clock a captain separated the men from the women and children. The women were placed in front of a rank of infantry soldiers, the men were ranged along a wall. The front rank of them were then...
Page 397 - The best small treatise dealing with the range of subjects fairly indicated by the title."— The Dial. 51. MASTER MARINERS. By John R. Spears, author of "The History of Our Navy,

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