The camper's own book for devotees of tent and trail

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Page 119 - It is my desire to become a Camp Fire Girl, and to obey the Law of the Camp Fire, which is Seek beauty Give service Pursue knowledge Be trustworthy Hold on to health Glorify work Be happy This Law of the Camp Fire I will strive to follow.
Page 166 - Non-residents of the state shall not enter upon the wild lands of the state and camp or kindle fires thereon while engaged in hunting or fishing without being in charge of a registered guide during the months of May, June, July, August, September, October and November, and no registered guide shall, at the same time, guide or be employed by more than five non-residents in hunting.
Page 120 - To name the chief causes of infant mortality in summer. Tell how and to what extent it has been reduced in one American community.
Page 65 - ... most of the region now known as the United States. Twenty-four species still nest within our borders, but they are now very few and far between in the east as compared to their former abundance, which they can never approach until market hunting and spring shooting are prohibited throughout the length and breadth of the land. Audubon (1835) says that he found Wild Geese breeding sparingly about the lakes within a few miles of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and their tributaries. He believed...
Page 119 - To help prepare and serve, together with the other candidates, at least two meals for meetings of the Camp Fire; this to include purchase of food, cooking and serving the meal and the care of the fire.
Page 66 - Mr. AW Butler, in his Birds of Indiana (1898), states that "thirty years ago" it was not uncommon to find on the upland meadows of Franklin and other southern counties, where great flocks of Geese had stopped during the March migration, numbers of eggs dropped by them. Hon. George Bird Grinnell asserts that in years gone by the Wilson's Snipe and many species of water-fowl bred in all the northern tier of States in great numbers.2 Prof. WW Cooke says that one hundred years ago the Canada Goose bred...
Page 120 - Know what to do in the following emergencies: a. Clothing on fire. b. Person in deep water who cannot swim, both in summer and through ice in winter. c. Open cut. d. Frosted foot. e. Fainting. 10.
Page 163 - ... between the 30th day of November in any year and the 15th day of September then next following (the close season) without first having obtained from the surveyor-general or chief game warden a permit to do so.
Page 90 - ... basswood, is soft, and will transform for the molder. My tree wood is porous, and the sunlight can enter its darkness. The wind voice can whisper to its silence and it will hear. My tree wood is the life of the Go-gon-sa. Of all in the forest there is none other." With this knowledge, the young hunter started on his way carving go-gon-sa-so-oh, (false faces). From the basswood he hewed them. By the voice of the Stone Giant he was guided to choose ; and well he learned the voices of all the forest...
Page 119 - Mend a pair of stockings, a knitted undergarment, and hem a dish towel. (3) Keep a written classified account of all money received and spent for at least one month. (4) Tie a square knot five times in succession correctly and without hesitation. (5) Sleep with open windows or out of doors for at least...

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