The cathedral church of Gloucester: a description of its fabric and a brief history of the Episcopal see, Volume 15

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G. Bell, 1900 - Architecture - 133 pages
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Page 138 - For the purpose at which they aim they are admirably done, and there are few visitants to any of our noble shrines who will not enjoy their visit the better for being furnished with one of these delightful books, which can be slipped into the pocket and carried with ease, and yet is distinct and legible.'— Notes and Queries.
Page 138 - The volumes are handy in size, moderate in price, well illustrated, and written in a scholarly spirit. The history of cathedral and city is intelligently set forth and accompanied by a descriptive survey of the building in all its detail. The illustrations are copious and well selected, and the series bids fair to become an indispensable companion to the cathedral tourist in England."—Times.
Page 10 - ... finally succumbed to the royal will; the day came, and that a drear winter day, when its last mass was sung, its last censer waved, its last congregation bent in rapt and lowly adoration before the altar there, and doubtless as the last tones of that day's evensong died away in the vaulted roof, there were not wanting those who. lingered in the solemn stillness of the old massive pile, and who, as the lights disappeared one by one, felt that for them there was now a void which could never be...
Page 16 - They were perfectly practical and most ingenious men ; the.y worked experimentally ; if their buildings were strong enough there they stood ; if they were too strong they also stood ; but if they were too weak they gave way, and they put props and built the next stronger. That was their science, and very good practical science it was, but in many cases they imperilled their work and gave trouble to future restorers.
Page 137 - MA, FSA 24 Illustrations. BEVERLEY MINSTER. By CHARLES HIATT. 47 Illustrations. WIMBORNE MINSTER AND CHRISTCHURCH PRIORY. By Rev. T. PERKINS, MA, FRAS 65 Illustrations.
Page 137 - EXETER. By PERCY ADDLESHAW, BA 2nd Edition. GLOUCESTER. By HJLJ MASSE, MA 2nd Edition. HEREFORD. By A. HUGH FISHER, ARE 2nd Edition, revised. LICHFIELD. By AB CLIFTON. 2nd Edition, revised. LINCOLN. By AF KENDRICK, BA 3rd Edition, revised. MANCHESTER. By the Rev. T. PERKINS, MA, FRAS NORWICH. By CHB QUENNELL.
Page 137 - CANTERBURY. By HARTLEY WITHERS 3rd Edition, revised. CARLISLE. By CK ELEY. CHESTER. By CHARLES HIATT. 2nd Edition, revised. DURHAM. By JE BYGATE, ARCA 2nd Edition.
Page 35 - ... the same green; the whole of the bell red, the leaves alternately green and yellow, with the stalks running down of the same colour into the red bell of the capital; the vertical mouldings between the marble shafts red and blue alternately; the lower shafts green...
Page 137 - ST. PAUL'S. By Rev. ARTHUR DIMOCK, MA 2nd Edition. SALISBURY. By GLEESON WHITE. 2nd Edition, revised. SOUTHWELL. By Rev. ARTHUR DIMOCK, MA WELLS. By Rev. PERCY DEARMER, MA 2nd Edition, revised. WINCHESTER. By PW SERGEANT.
Page 77 - Doubt not but God who sits on high Thy secret prayers can hear ; When a dead wall, thus cunningly, Conveys soft whispers to the ear.

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