The Cathedrals and Churches of the Rhine

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L.C. Page, 1905 - Cathedrals - 370 pages
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Page 260 - Geldorp expresses his own approbation of this picture, which he says was the best he ever painted: he likewise expresses his content and happiness in the subject, as being picturesque: this is likewise natural to such a mind as that of Rubens, who was perhaps too much looking about him for the picturesque, or something uncommon.
Page 260 - Rubens ; painted a little time before his death. The body and head of the Saint are the only good parts in the picture, which is finely coloured (broad light and shade), and well drawn: but the figure bends too suddenly from the thighs, which are ill drawn, or rather in a bad taste of drawing ; as is likewise his arm, which has a short interrupted outline. The action of the malefactors has not that energy which he usually gave to his figures.
Page 187 - By Coblentz, on a rise of gentle ground, There is a small and simple pyramid, Crowning the summit of the verdant mound ; Beneath its base are heroes...
Page 176 - I'll go to my tower on the Rhine," replied he; "Tis the safest place in Germany; The walls are high, and the shores are steep And the stream is strong, and the water deep.
Page 279 - ... money which had been supplied by pious Christians for this holy work, became exhausted, the wages of the masons were suspended, and with them their desire to hew and hammer: for after all men were not so very religious in those days, as to build a temple on credit. Thus, it stood, half finished, resembling a falling ruin. Moss, grass and wild parsley flourished in the cracks of the walls; screech-owls already discovered convenient places for their nests and amorous sparrows hopped lovingly about,...
Page 326 - OF HOLLAND. A COUNTRY that draws fifty foot of water, In which men live as in the hold of Nature, And when the sea does in upon them break, And drowns a province, does but spring a leak...
Page 280 - ... received this report they were out of humour, and looked with desponding countenances towards the cathedral walls, as fathers look upon the remains of favourite children. At this moment a stranger of commanding figure and something of pride in his voice and bearing entered, and exclaimed ' Bon Dies ! they say that you are out of spirits. Hem ! if nothing but money is wanting, you may console yourselves, gentlemen. I possess mines of gold and silver, and both can and will most willingly supply...
Page 232 - ... it, or without the will to make the necessary sacrifices of labour, care, and perseverance. He received the commission with great gladness, and gloated for some days upon the fame which would be his as the builder of the structure which the archbishop desired ; but after this vision of glory, when he took his crayons to sketch out the design, he was thrown into the deepest despondency. He drew and drew, and added, and erased, and corrected, and began again, but still did not succeed. Not a plan...
Page 284 - ... orders were given to bring the wolf to the principal entrance of the cathedral ; so just as the bells began to ring, the trap-door of the cage was pulled open, and the savage beast darted out into the nave of the empty church. Master Urian from his lurking-place beheld this consecration-offering with the utmost fury. Burning with choler at being thus deceived he raged like a tempest, and then rushed forth, slamming the brass gate so violently after him that the rings split in two. This crack,...
Page 290 - Is this the stream, whose cities, heights,' and plains, War's favourite playground, are with crimson stains Familiar, as the Morn with pearly dews ? The Morn, that now, along the silver MEUSE, Spreading her peaceful ensigns, calls the swains To tend their silent boats and ringing wains, Or strip the bough whose mellow fruit bestrews The ripening corn beneath it. As mine eyes Turn from the fortified and threatening hill,

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