The civilization of Babylonia and Assyria: its remains, language, history, religion, commerce, law, art, and literature

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J.B. Lippincott Company, 1915 - Assyria - 515 pages

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Page 448 - Break up the house, build a ship, Abandon your property, seek life ! Throw aside your possession and preserve life ! Bring into the ship seed of all living things...
Page 450 - All that I had I loaded on her. All that I had of silver I loaded on her. All that I had of gold I loaded on her. All that I had of living beings of all kinds I loaded on her. I brought to the ship all my family and household ; Cattle of the field, beasts of the field, all the workmen I brought on board.
Page 459 - After the lady Ishtar had gone down into the land of no return, The bull did not mount the cow, the ass approached not the she-ass, To the maid in the street, no man drew near, The man slept in his apartment, The maid slept by herself.
Page 79 - Ideen über die Politik, den Verkehr und den Handel der vornehmsten Völker der alten Welt, Göttingen 1793-1796; 218041812; M815.
Page 210 - ... one of the most important as well as one of the most legitimate sources of his power.
Page 448 - I will reveal to thee, Gilgamesh, a secret story, And the decision of the gods I will tell thee. The city of Shuruppak,8 a city which thou knowest, The one that lies on the Euphrates, That city was old, and the gods thereof Induced the great gods to bring a cyclone over it ; It was planned by their father Anu, By their counselor, the warrior Enlil, By their herald Ninib, By their leader En-nugi.
Page 480 - What, however, seems good to oneself, to a god is displeasing, What is spurned by oneself finds favor with a god; Who is there that can grasp the will of the gods in heaven ? The plan of a god full of power (?) — who can understand it?
Page 451 - The gods are terrified at the cyclone, they flee and mount to the heaven of Anu ; the gods crouch like dogs in an. enclosure. Ishtar cries aloud like one in birth throes, the mistress of the gods howls aloud : 'That day...
Page 479 - My eyeballs he obscured, bolting them as with a lock; My ears he bolted, like those of a deaf person. A king — I have been changed into a slave, As a madman my companions maltreat me. Send me help from the pit dug for me! At the cry of my lament, open a hole for him, 3 By day — deep sighs, at night — weeping, The month — cries, the year — distress.
Page 291 - In the case of collapse of a defective building, the architect is to be put to death if the owner is killed by the accident ; and the architect's son if the son of the owner loses his life.

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