The Codicil: A Novel

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Issued privately by the Vail-Ballou Company and printed only on advance subscriptions from members of the Bibliophile society, 1915 - 293 pages

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Page 188 - I did n't need to go so far. Oh, Nelly, if I had come home to stand beside the green hillock of your grave I could have borne it, but this — this!" He dropped into a chair and covered his face with his hands. His sobbing was the only sound in the room. After a long pause he got slowly upon his feet. " I 'm going away," he said. " My heart is broken, Nell — my heart is broken. Good-bye, Nell.
Page 144 - Don't be a child! You've got to see her and have this out. Pause. FERGUSON: Dr. Hochberg, I want you to know that ... I appreciate all you've done for me. HOCHBERG: What have I done? FERGUSON: I mean yesterday. I ... I must have seemed very ungrateful. But it's just because there are so many other things that I thought I wanted. HOCHBERG: I know. It's our instinct to live, to enjoy ourselves. All of us. FERGUSON: I love Laura so much.
Page 165 - ... The time was spent in the most friendly and social manner, and it seemed to be a matter of congratulation on every side that the difficulties so lately threatening had at length been brought to a happy termination. In the midst of this convivial party, and about ten o'clock at night, Dr. C. Robinson came to me, in a state of apparent excitement, and declared that their picket guard had just come in and reported that there was a large irregular force near the town of Lawrence, who were threatening...
Page 278 - If I had the same thing to do over again, I should certainly advise the baptism of the Panghali people.
Page 103 - ... Lonnegan hasn't anything human about him," broke in Boggs, tugging at his collar to give his fat throat the more room; "not in your sense, Mac. If you will study the Great Architect as closely as I have done, you will see that his humanity is to always keep one point ahead of the social game." Here Boggs got up and moved his chair to the other side of the fireplace, so as to be out of reach of Lonnegan's long arms. " Let me explain, gentlemen, for I don't want to do this distinguished man any...
Page 78 - I was in some quarters held collaterally responsible for the whole melange, because, those canny philosophers argued, if it had not been for me there would have been no occasion for the meeting that aroused so much indignation.
Page 2 - Brenton's first settlers, and kept his business headquarters and residence there until his death. He was the senior member of the firm of...
Page 199 - Your honor, this is a 38-caliber revolver, with one chamber empty, and it corresponds with the size of the bullet found in the body of the deceased.
Page 114 - During this interval he told me that a few days before he had received a letter from the...
Page 131 - I did not know; though in glancing at him once or twice out of the corner of my eye, I saw him turn his head and look toward my table. That Betty had been in Boston was news to me, and that she was "looking unusually well

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