The condensation of gasoline from natural gas, Volumes 88-93

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Page 74 - Containers must not be entirely filled. Sufficient interior space must be left vacant to prevent leakage or distortion of containers due to the expansion of the contents from increase of temperature during transit.
Page 74 - It is, however, expected that their use for that purpose will be gradually discontinued and that within a reasonable time metal barrels will come into general use for such shipments.) Packages containing inflammable liquids must not be entirely filled. Sufficient interior space must be left vacant to prevent distortion by containers when heated to a temperature of 120° F.
Page 96 - Several changes occur in the gas when it is treated in a gasoline plant for the condensation of gasoline. One has to do with the condensation of vapor, another with the liquefaction of gas, and a third with the solubility of gases in the liquids produced. The condensate as it is received in the accumulator tanks consists principally of the liquids pentane and hexane and the liquefied gas butane.
Page 74 - Commission may utilize the services of the bureau for the safe transportation of explosives and other dangerous articles...
Page 74 - Leaks in a new barrel or drum must not be stopped by soldering, but must be repaired by the method used in constructing the barrel or drum.
Page 85 - It will thus happen that a certain stage will be ultimately attained at which as many molecules will return to the liquid per second as leave it, and an equilibrium will be established. At this stage evaporation may be said to have ceased. There is no further loss to the liquid or gain to the vapor outside it; there is, however, a continual exchange going on, new molecules are being continually projected from the surface^ and others are falling into it in equal number. In this case the chamber is...
Page 74 - ... 5. When filled with water to 98 per cent of its capacity the type of barrel or drum must also be capable of standing without leakage a test drop on its chime from a height of 4 feet upon a solid concrete foundation.
Page 101 - TECHNICAL PAPER 32. The cementing process of excluding water from oil wells as practiced in California, by Ralph Arnold and VR Garfias. 1913. 12 pp., 1 fig. TECHNICAL PAPER 37.
Page 98 - When a freshly drawn condensate having a gravity of 93°Be\ is mixed with refinery naphtha with a gravity of 60°Be'., the vapor pressures may be 57 to 70 per cent, of the vapor pressure of the condensate alone. Condensates of the same specific gravity may have different vapor pressures.
Page 31 - wet" gas, or that from which gasoline can be - extracted in quantity sufficient to warrant the installation of a plant, the proper testing of such gas in order to determine its gasoline content is of much importance.

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