The Conflict of Colour: The Threatened Upheaval Throughout the World

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Macmillan, 1910 - Black race - 341 pages
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Page 189 - ... different standards ; one set of opinions for one age, another set for another. They pass away like a dream ; they are as the fabric of a vision, which leaves not a rack behind. The discoveries of genius alone remain : it is to them we owe all that we now have, they are for all ages and all times ; never young, and never old, they bear the seeds of their own life ; they flow on in a perennial and undying stream; they are essentially cumulative, and, giving birth to the additions which they subsequently...
Page 189 - But the discoveries of great men never leave us; they are immortal, they contain those eternal truths which survive the shock of empires, outlive the struggles of rival creeds, and witness the decay of successive religions.
Page 119 - The day will come, and. perhaps is not far distant, when the European observer will look round to see the globe girdled with a continuous zone of the black and yellow races...
Page 189 - The government of a people by itself has a meaning and a reality ; but such a thing as government of one people by another does not and cannot exist.
Page 301 - America, is all teeming with lif e, developed by industrial enterprise, fairly well administered by native governments, and owning the better part of the carrying trade of the world. Can any one suppose that, in such a condition of political society, the habitual temper of mind in Europe would not be profoundly changed? Depression, hopelessness, a disregard of invention and improvement, would replace the sanguine confidence of races that at present are always panting for new worlds to conquer.
Page 203 - Let it be supposed that the total population of the Province is 20 millions, of whom 15 millions are Hindus and 5 millions Muhammadans, and the number of members to be elected 12.
Page 232 - The black man has given nothing to the world. He has never made a nation, he belongs to nothing but a subject race. He has no architecture of his own, no art, no history, no real religion, unless animism be a religion. His hands have reared no enduring monuments, save when they have been forcibly directed by the energies of other races.
Page 189 - The actions of bad men produce only temporary evil, the actions of good men only temporary good ; and eventually the good and the evil altogether subside, are neutralized by subsequent generations, absorbed by the incessant movement of future ages.
Page 297 - ... men as the field of human energy is crowded ; and generally, that the world will be left without deep convictions or enthusiasm, without the regenerating influence of the ardour for political reform, and the fervour of pious faith which have quickened men for centuries past as nothing else has quickened them, with a passion purifying the soul.
Page 120 - We shall wake to find ourselves elbowed and hustled, and perhaps even thrust aside by peoples whom we looked down upon as servile, and thought of as bound always to minister to our needs.

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