The costume, manners and peculiarities of different inhabitants of the globe, calculated to instruct and amuse the little folks of all countries

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J. Harris, 1822 - Art - 32 pages

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Page 18 - LITTLE RHYMES FOR LITTLE FOLKS. By the Author of " The Infant's Friend," " Easy Rhymes,
Page 18 - DAME DEARLOVE'S DITTIES for the Nursery, or Songs for the Amusement of Infants. 8. PETER PIPER'S Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation. 9. The INFANT'S FRIEND, or Easy Reading Lessons. 10. The SNOW-DROP, or Poetic Trifles for Little Folks, after the manner of the " Daisy" and " Cowslip." 11. The HOBBY-HORSE, or the High Road to Learning; being a revival of that favourite Alphabet, " A was an Archer and shot at a Frog.
Page 18 - TOMMY TRIP'S MUSEUM of BEASTS. Part II. 22. TOMMY TRIP'S MUSEUM of BEASTS. Part III. 23. COSTUMES of DIFFERENT NATIONS Illustrated. 24. WONDERS ! A Description of some of the most remarkable in Art and Nature. 25. The MONTHLY MONITOR; or, Short Stories, adapted to every Season of the Year. By Mrs. RITSON. 26. The PEACOCK AT HOME; with the BUTTERFLY'S BALL. 27. SIMPLE STORIES, in Words of One Syllable, for Little Boys and Girls. By the Author of
Page 18 - ... shot at a Frog." 12. The CRIES of LONDON; or, Sketches of various Characters in the Metropolis. 13. The COURTSHIP, MARRIAGE, and PICNIC DINNER of COCK ROBIN and JENNY WREN. 14. The ALPHABET of GOODY TWO-SHOES ; ct by learning which, she soon got rich.
Page 18 - The HISTORY of the APPLE PIE. Written by Z. An Alphabet for little Masters and Misses. 7. DAME DEARLOVE'S DITTIES for the Nursery ; or, Songs for the Amusement of Infants.
Page 18 - Characters of the Metropolis. 13. The Courtship, Marriage, and Pic-Nic Dinner of COCK ROBIN and JENNY WREN. 14. The Alphabet of GOODY Two SHOES ; " by learning which she soon got rich.
Page 18 - HARRIS'S CABINET OF AMUSEMENT AND INSTRUCTION. Consisting of the most approved NOVELTIES for the NURSERY; printed in a superior manner.
Page 18 - Stories of Old Daniel." 27. The PICTURESQUE PRIMER, or the First Step up the Ladder of Learning, with 72 engravings. 28. The PEACOCK AT HOME, with the BUTTERFLY'S BALL, an Original Poem, by Mr. Roscoe. 29. The NEW TOM THUMB; with an Account of his Wonderful Exploits ; as related by Margery Meanwell. 30. VALENTINE AND ORSON ; or the Surprising Adventures of the Two Sons of the Emperor of Greece. 31. TAKE YOUR CHOICE, or the Alphabet Community. 32. LAPLAND SKETCHES, or Delineations of the Costume,...
Page 18 - HARRY HERALD'S Graphical Representation of the DIGNITARIES of England, shewing the Costume of different Ranks, from the KING to a COMMONER, with the Regalia used at the Coronation. 18. The PATHS of LEARNING strewed with Flowers, or English Grammar illustrated. 19. TOMMY TRIP'S MUSEUM, or a Peep at the Quadruped Race. Part I.
Page 18 - CABINET OF AMUSEMENT AND INSTRUCTION, Consisting of the most approved Novelties for the Nursery ; Printed in a superior manner upon good paper, Is. 6d. each, and illustrated with SIXTEEN Engravings neatly coloured. 1. MOTHER HUBBARD & herDoo.

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