The Country Wife: A Comedy, as it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal. Written by Mr. Wycherley

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C. Bathurst, 1751 - English drama (Comedy) - 83 pages

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Page 65 - I have heard this distemper called a fever, but methinks 'tis like an ague ; for when I think of my husband, I tremble, and am in a cold sweat, and have inclinations to vomit; but when I think of my gallant, dear Mr. Horner, my hot fit comes, and I am all in a fever indeed...
Page 60 - I'll have some china too. Good Mr. Horner, don't think to give other people china, and me none; come in with me too.
Page 76 - Our reputation ! Lord, why should you not think that we women make use of our reputation, as you men of yours, only to deceive the world with less suspicion? Our virtue is like the statesman's religion, the Quaker's word, the gamester's oath, and the great man's honour; but to cheat those that trust us.
Page 78 - tis that I may love .you long, 'tis to secure my love, and your reputation with your husband ; he'll never receive you again else. Mrs.
Page 60 - What, d'ye think if he had had any left, I would not have had it too? for we women of quality never think we have china enough.
Page 56 - If you talk a word more of your honour, you'll make me incapable to wrong it. To talk of honour in the mysteries of love, is like talking of Heaven or the Deity, in an operation of witchcraft, just when you are employing the devil: it makes the charm impotent.
Page 55 - Well, you are a good girl then. Come, let me lock you up in your chamber, till I come back; and be sure you come not within three strides of the window when I am gone, for I have a spy in the street.
Page 78 - Come, faith, madam, let us e'en pardon one another; for all the difference I find betwixt we men and you women, we forswear ourselves at the beginning of an amour, you as long as it lasts.
Page 24 - I will not go, if you intend to leave me alone in the box, and run into the pit, as you use to do.
Page 38 - That's a good one ! I hate a man for loving you ! If he did love you, 'tis but what he can't help ; and 'tis your fault, not his, if he admires you. I hate a man for being of my opinion ! I'll n'er do't, by the world. Alith. Is it for your honour, or mine, to suffer a man to make love to me, who am to marry you to-morrow ? Spark.

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