The Currencies of the Hindu States of Rájputána

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A. Constable and Company, 1893 - Coinage - 135 pages

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Page 40 - the bird's nest,' a projecting elevation of the same range on which Mundore was placed, and about four miles south of it. Doubtless its inaccessible position seconded the recommendation of the hermit, for its scarped summit renders it almost impregnable, while its superior elevation permits the sons of Joda to command, from the windows of their palace, a range of vision almost comprehending the limits of their sway. In clear weather, they can view the summits of their southern barrier, the gigantic...
Page 79 - In the height of his passion for this Islamite concubine, he formally installed her as queen of half his dominions, and actually conveyed to her in gift a moiety of the personality of the crown, even to the invaluable library of the illustrious Jey Sing, which was despoiled, and its treasures distributed amongst her base relations.
Page x - The coins of the Native States are fashioned in a rude way with the hammer and anvil, and have plain, unmilled edges. Stamping is carried out in a similarly rough manner, one workman holding the piece of metal between the two dies, whilst a second, with a blow from a heavy hammer, completes the coin. With very few exceptions the coins bear only portions of the inscriptions carried by the dies.
Page xii - Mints have either been suppressed altogether, or have not been in active use within the last five years, their revival or opening cannot be permitted.
Page 111 - Marhattds were contending with each other, he succeeded, between 1771 and 1776, in establishing independent power in the greater part of the territory which now forms the southern half of the State. In the war carried on by...
Page 93 - Throughout that brilliant and eventful period in the history of British India, when every province from the Ganges to the ocean was agitated by warlike demonstrations, the camp of the regent was the pivot of operations and the focus of intelligence. The part he acted was decided, manly, and consistent ; and if there were moments of vacillation, it was inspired by our own conduct, which created doubts in his mind as to the wisdom of his...
Page 74 - His valour mainly contributed to the conquest of Mahoba, the country of the Chundails, of which he was left governor ; and he was one of the sixty-four chiefs who, with a chosen body of their retainers, enabled Pirthi Raj to carry off the princess of Canouj. In this service, covering the retreat of his liege lord, Pujoon lost his life, on the first of the five days
Page 69 - The coins bear the same inscription as the rupee of the same date. "SILVER COINAGE — The rupee is the only silver coin made. Its weight is said to be 11 mas/ias 2% rattis, of which two mashas are alloy.
Page 127 - During the prosperity of the Mughal empire, the turbulence of their character brought upon them more than once the imperial wrath.
Page 135 - Singh, in exchange for his territory of Gohad which was given up to Sindhia.

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