The daisy and her friends

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Warne, 1869 - 155 pages
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Page 164 - HORACE AND MAY; or, Unconscious Influence. ELLA AND MARIAN; or, Rest and Unrest. HOME SUNSHINE; or, The Gordons. THE GRAHAMS; or, Home Life. KENNETH AND HUGH; or, Self Mastery.
Page 160 - FABLES. Translated into English by SAMUEL CROXALL, DD ; with New Instructive Applications, Morals, &c. SEA FIGHTS AND LAND BATTLES, from. Alfred to Victoria. Compiled and Edited by Mrs. VALENTINE. PATH ON EARTH TO THE GATE OF HEAVEN. By the Rev. FREDERICK ARNOLD.
Page 159 - WARNE'S LANSDOWNE GIFT-BOOKS. In crown 8vo, gilt, and gilt edges, 3.!-. dd. to is each. Under this distinctive title will be issued a Series of Superior GiftBooks, combining Good Taste, New Style, and Elegance of Appearance in Binding and Illustration.
Page 164 - The Treasures of the Earth ; or, Mines, Minerals, and Metals.
Page 160 - Animals, &c., most commonly found on Rambles into the Country throughout the Year. By JC With Six Pages of Illustrations. TALES OF WOMAN'S TRIALS. By Mrs. SC HALL.
Page 162 - Coloured Plates. SEA FIGHTS, FROM SLUYS TO NAVARINO. With Original Illustrations. Compiled and Edited by LV LAND BATTLES, FROM HASTINGS TO INKERMANN. Compiled and Edited by LV LEGENDS FROM FAIRY-LAND. By HOLME LEE. TUFLONGBO'S LIFE AND ADVENTURES, and How his Shoes got Worn Out. By HOLME LEE. TUFLONGBO AND LITTLE CONTENT : Their Wonderful Adventure in the Enchanted Forest. COUNTRY SCENES AND THE FOUR SEASONS. By HARRIET MYRTLE. DARING...
Page 160 - Ph.D. With upwards of 100 original Illustrations by JD WATSON, JOHN GILBERT, HARRISON WEIR, HK BROWNE, &c. PATH ON EARTH TO THE GATE OF HEAVEN. By the Rev. FREDERICK ARNOLD. With 16 Illustrations. HOLME LEE'S FAIRY TALES. With 22 pages of Illustrations. ONE YEAR ; or, The Three Homes. A Book for Girls. ByJ. MP ON THE EDGE OF THE STORM. By the Author of "Mademoiselle Mori.
Page 164 - Stories of Old. Bible Narratives for Young Children— Old and New Testament. By CAROLINE HADLEY. Juvenile Gift-Book. By the Authors of "The Parent's Cabinet.
Page 163 - Illustrations, printed in the best style of Colour Printing, THE BOYS OF HOLY WRIT AND BIBLE NARRATIVES. THE FEMALE CHARACTERS OF HOLY WRIT. BY THE REV. HUGH HUGHES. TALES AND STORIES. By Miss MITFORD, Author of
Page 157 - THE NOBILITY OF LIFE PORTRAYED IN ITS VIRTUES AND GRACES. By the Best Authors. Compiled and Edited by L. VALENTINE. With Illustrations, borders, and vignettes, engraved by DALZIELS, And 24 pages of Original Designs, printed in Colours by KRONHEIM and EVANS. In post 410, cloth, New Style, price 21s.

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