The descriptive and physiological anatomy of the brain, spinal cord and ganglions

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Page 286 - A TREATISE on DIET; with a view to establish, on practical grounds, a System of Rules for the Prevention and Cure of the Diseases incident to a disordered state of the Digestive Functions. By JA PARIS, MDFRS Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, ice.
Page 286 - Carswell : while it displays an acquaintance with the resources of the system, and the power of therapeutic agents, only possessed in this country and in Germany.
Page 287 - PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE SKIN. Arranged with a view to their Constitutional Causes and Local Characters ; including the Substance of the Essay to which the Royal College of Surgeons awarded the Jacksonian Prize, and all such valuable Facts as have been recorded by continental Authors on these Subjects to the present time.
Page 119 - I never found a female brain that weighed 4 Ibs. The female brain weighs on an average from four to eight ounces less than that of the male ; and this difference is already perceptible in a new~ born child.
Page 120 - Ib. 9 oz. 1 dr. / have generally found the cavity of the skull smaller in old men than in middle-aged persons. It appears to me therefore probable, that the brain really decreases in old age, only more remarkably in some persons than in others.
Page 288 - OBSERVATIONS ON THE DUE ADMINISTRATION OF BLOOD-LETTING; Founded upon Researches principally relative to the MORBID and CURATIVE EFFECTS of LOSS of BLOOD.
Page 107 - ... by Dr. M. Hall it occurred to me, that it might be possible to demonstrate the separate existence of what he has called the incident and reflex fibres; and I was thence induced to dissect, with much care, the two roots of the spinal nerves. After repeated examinations, I satisfied myself that each was connected both with the external fibrous part of the cord, and the internal grey substance. The following is what appears to be the structure: after the two roots have perforated the theca vertebralis,...
Page 120 - There is undoubtedly a very close connexion between the absolute size of the brain and the INTELLECTUAL powers and functions of the mind. This is evident from the remarkable smallness of the brain in cases of congenital idiotismus, few much exceeding in weight the brain of a new-born child. Gall, Spurzheim, Haslam, Esquirol, and others, have already observed this, which is also confirmed by my own researches. The brain of very talented men is remarkable on the other hand for its size.
Page 65 - Its nucleus, c. Its nucleolus. d. Caudate vesicle, e. Elongated vesicle with two groups of pigment particles. /. Vesicle surrounded by its sheath or capsule of nucleated particles, g. The same, the sheath only being in focus.
Page 286 - The Author is entitled to great respect for his opinions, not only because he is well known as a man of extensive erudition, but also on account of his practical acquaintance with the subject on which he writes. The work, we may safely say, is the best, as well as the latest, on mental derangement, in the Knirlish language.

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