The design of steel mill buildings and the calculation of stresses in framed structures

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Engineering News Publishing Co., 1903 - Architecture - 367 pages
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Page 356 - Material which is to be used without annealing or further treatment shall be tested in the condition in which it comes from the rolls.
Page 355 - Eye-bars which are to be placed side by side in the structure shall be bored so accurately that, upon being placed together, the pins will pass through the holes at both ends at the same time without driving.
Page 357 - Except where chilled iron is specified, all castings shall be of tough, gray iron, free from injurious cold shuts or blow holes, true to pattern, and of workmanlike finish.
Page 358 - All iron work before leaving the shop shall be thoroughly cleaned from all loose scale and rust, and be given one good coating of pure raw linseed oil, well worked into all joints and open spaces.
Page 56 - J 0 *> 0 which is the equation for the bending moment at any point, x, in the beam, and is also the area of the shear diagram between the limits given. From this we see that the bending moment at any point in a simple beam uniformly loaded, is equal to the area of the shear diagram to the left of the point in question. The bending- moment is also equal to the algebraic sum of the shear areas on either side of the point.
Page 352 - In compression members joints with abutting faces planed shall be placed as near the panel points as possible, and must be spliced on all sides with at least two rows of rivets on each side of the joint. Joints with abutting faces not planed must be fully spliced.
Page 357 - ... required in specimen tests of the grade of steel from which they are rolled. The bars will be required to break in the body, but should a bar break in the head, but develop 10 per cent, elongation and the ultimate strength specified it shall not be cause for rejection, provided not more than one-third of the total number of bars tested break in the head ; otherwise the entire lot will be rejected.
Page 354 - The rivet heads must be of approved hemispherical shape, and of a uniform size for the same size rivets throughout the work. They must be full and neatly finished throughout the work and concentric with the rivet hole.
Page 350 - At the ends of compression members the pitch shall not exceed four diameters of the rivet, for a length equal to twice the width of the member.
Page 356 - ... not more than 5,000 pounds below the minimum tensile strength required in specimen tests of the grade of steel from which they are rolled. The bars will be required to break in the body, but should a...

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