The Development of Brazil: Report

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Institute of Inter-American Affairs, Foreign Operations Administration, 1954 - Brazil - 324 pages

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Page 42 - Resistance to inflation was weakened by the lack of an effective, independent and nonpolitical body entrusted with the supervision of the banking system and the coordination of monetary and credit policies. This rendered the dispensation of bank credit unduly vulnerable to regional and interest group pressures, and by making credit policies excessively responsive to short-term political influences, tended to inhibit the adoption of orderly and sustained efforts for the attainment of a greater measure...
Page 72 - Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development and its affiliates opened in Washington in September 1963.
Page 143 - Until near the end of the eighteenth century, including most of the colonial period, the northeast was the political and economic center of Brazil. Salvador...
Page 39 - ... services in the market place. This, of course, is much less the situation a"On!ya few Brazilian states or municipalities have the opportunity of financing expenditures in excess of revenues without direct recourse to bank credit, since the market for fixed interest obligations, including federal government bonds, has been weakened by the long inflation to such a degree that long-term bonds are not bought on a voluntary basis
Page 158 - At best, very slow reheating is necessary when power is restored and at worst, furnace walls must be repaired or relined with new refractories. In chemicals, likewise, such stoppages may be very expensive. A maker of the plastic molding material, polystyrene, has a standby diesel generator to prevent complete power failure, but sometimes, this, too, has failed. At such a time the material flowing through the production equipment solidifies, causing a shutdown of no less than 10 days and up to 3 weeks,...
Page 103 - The defects which follow the wide disparity of technical conditions enumerated above combine to set a low threshold for railroad transportation. Trains are limited as to speed and weight; they must be uncoupled at various points and reassembled ; fuel consumption is extravagant; locomotives are not effectively utilized, due to their low capacity or are restricted to stretches where bridges and clearances admit their passage ; derailments have run as high as 20,000 in a single year with enormous damage...
Page 27 - Bahia may be conservatively regarded as promising for petroleum exploration, among them the territory of Acre, next to the proven Peruvian oilfields, the Island of Marajo and other parts of the lower Amazon region, the sedimentary belt stretching along the coast from Espirito Santo to Rio Grande do Norte, a sedimentary basin in Maranhao and Piaui, as well as sedimentary rocks under the lava flow territory extending from Sao Paulo through Parana and Santa Catarina to Rio Grande do Sul.

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