The development of the incandescent electric lamp

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Scott, Greenwood & Son, 1912 - Architecture - 198 pages
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Page 3 - We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not breaths; In feelings, not in figures on a dial. We should count time by heart-throbs. He most lives Who thinks most — feels the noblest — acts the best.
Page 35 - For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these, "It might have been !
Page 43 - It will burn for one hour two 50-watt * (formerly "rated" as 16 candle power) carbon lamps, or four 25-watt (20 candle power) Mazda lamps, or fire 20-watt (16 candle power) Mazda lamps. It will bring to a boil two quarts of water. It will run the electric broiler for six minutes. It will operate a twelve-inch fan for ninety minutes. It will operate an electric griddle for eight minutes. It will operate a luminous radiator for eight minutes. It will make a Welsh rarebit in an electric chafing dish....
Page 7 - the height of excellence" in goods and service. CHAPTER II. "Can such things fo Without oi/r special wonder?" SHAKESPEARE. HERE'S no truer thought than the old saw "Wonders never cease." Not only do they never cease, but new and ever newer wonders come crowding on their heels. Only yesterday, we were travelling by sea on sailing vessels. To-day, we but scarcely perfect the limited all-parlor-car train on land, when the mastery of the air — the remaining element unconquered by man — impends. Some...
Page 39 - Thus there is made possible later, the installation of additional outlets, if desired, at a reasonable expense — an expense that would be practically prohibitive, were not the first installation planned with this in view. The Electrical Engineering Department indicates a reasonable number of outlets for electrical appliances, including those which you are likely to want at once. It provides for those which operate on the ordinary lighting circuit, and those which may later be secured, , and which,...
Page 42 - Mazda lamp for residence use gives about 40 candle power (the rough equivalent of 20 candles burning at once). This means that, taking the same average lighting rate of ten cents a kilowatt, a twenty-five watt lamp would burn 40 hours for ten cents or four hours for one cent. The table on the opposite page will be found of interest as indicating the average operating cost for some of the electrical appliances in most common use. WHAT A CENT'S WORTH OF POWER WILL DO.* It will burn for one hour two...
Page 3 - Pictures of beauty — health — convenience — comfort — safety — true utility. Yes, and of the union and blending of these and other qualities in the one supreme essence we call happiness. For the ideal home may be a cottage or a mansion; but, small or large, it must be dedicated to the principle of providing the greatest possible degree of happiness for life within its walls. The home! Happiness! How they are linked together in our minds!
Page 25 - Is it not the unconscious tribute that we all pay to the vast study, time, skill, pains, which wrent without stint into their planning and production? Surely the owners of these palaces must have deeply respected the superior knowledge of those who, inspired by the classic beauty of the age which preceded them, struggled — and not in vain — to reembody that beauty in the art and architecture of their time. From the palaces of long ago to the home of No.
Page 6 - It means with us a policy that puts manufacturers' products to the test of a critical engineering department before they are placed in stock; that selects — and sells only the most reliable — the best. It means with us a policy assuring great buying facilities through carrying enormous stocks; and full information to customers that they may use our merchandise intelligently — economically — and to best advantage. A policy, in short, founded on the firm belief that our customers...
Page 43 - It will keep an eight-inch disc stove hot for seven minutes, or long enough to cook a steak. It will operate a seven-inch frying pan for twelve minutes. It will make four cups of coffee in an electric coffee percolator. It will keep a foot-warmer hot for a quarter of an hour. It will keep a six-pound electric flatiron hot for fifteen minutes. It will heat an electric curling iron once a day for two weeks. *As the charges of different lighting companies for current naturally...

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