The Diary of Sir John Moore, Volume 2

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Page 294 - Hannibal ; it was not the Macedonian army that reached the Indus, but Alexander; it was not the French army that carried the war to the Weser and the Inn, but Turenne ; it was not the Prussian army which, for seven years, defended Prussia against the three greatest Powers of Europe, but Frederick the Great.
Page 352 - I certainly, at first, did feel and express much indignation at a person like him being made the channel of a communication of that sort from you to me. Those feelings are at an end, and, I dare say, they never will be excited towards you again. If Mr.
Page 388 - ... that seemed to concentrate all feeling in their eyes. The sudden stop of the animal, a cream-coloured one with black tail and mane, had cast the latter streaming forward, its ears were pushed out like horns, while its eyes flashed fire, and it snorted loudly with expanded nostrils, expressing terror, astonishment, and muscular exertion. My first thought was, it will be away like thd wind ! but then I looked at the rider and the horse was forgotten.
Page 392 - The violence of the stroke threw him off his horse, on his back. Not a muscle of his face altered, nor did a sigh betray the least sensation of pain. I dismounted, and taking his hand, he pressed...
Page 247 - When Lord Castlereagh mentioned this circumstance to the cabinet, Mr. Canning could not help exclaiming, ' Good God ! and do you really mean to say that you allowed a man entertaining such feelings with regard to the expedition to go and assume the command of it...
Page 393 - Majesty's arms, when every operation of that campaign had proved so glorious for the character of the British army. If we had been obliged to quit Spain, we had left that country with fresh laurels blooming upon our brows: and whatever failure there had been upon the whole, he trusted might still be repaired.
Page 318 - So far from being infallible, like the Pope, I believe my opinions to be very fallible, and therefore I may be mistaken that the enemy's fleet has gone to Europe ; but I cannot bring myself to think otherwise, notwithstanding the variety of opinions which different people of good judgment form.
Page 32 - Sir Ralph Abercromby, who was mortally wounded in the action, and died on the 28th of March. I believe he was wounded early, but he concealed his situation from those about him, and continued in the field, giving his orders with that coolness and perspicuity which had ever marked his character, till long after the action was over, when he fainted through weakness and loss of blood.
Page 263 - It appears to me to be quite impossible that we cau go on as we are now constituted ; the Commander-inchief must be changed, and the country and the army naturally turn their eyes to you as their commander. I understand, however, that you have lately had some unpleasant discussions with the King's Ministers, the effect of which might be to prevent the adoption of an arrangement for the command of this army which in my opinion would be the best, and would enable you to render those services at this...
Page 341 - Baird was a gallant, hard-headed, lion-hearted officer ; but he had no talent, no tact ; had strong prejudices against the natives ; and he was peculiarly disqualified from his manner, habits, &c., and it was supposed his temper, for the management of them.

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