The dressing of minerals

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Longmans, Green & co., 1909 - Technology & Engineering - 544 pages

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Page 171 - ... although very simple, ought to be carefully studied by those who are not conversant with the practice of weaving. for it is very generally used. in almost every species of ornamental work. The ends of the top levers or coupers at A, which contain the grooves for the suspending cords. ought to be segments of a circle, the radius of which is equal to the distance of the groove from the centre of 'motion at B. in order that the pull may be uniformly perpendicular. The distance of the centre B from...
Page 555 - JOURNAL advocates the interest of the Mining and Metallurgical industries at home and abroad, and has a unique reputation for its Special Correspondence from all the Mining Districts of the World, and also for its Prices Current of Metals, which are bought and sold in all parts of the globe upon the basis of the "next published MINING JOURNAL prices.
Page 550 - Mines and Minerals of the British Empire. Being a Description of the Historical, Physical, and Industrial Features of the Principal Centres of Mineral Production in the British Dominions beyond the Seas.
Page 555 - List will be sent Post Free to any part of the World on receipt of remittance to the Proprietors of The Mining Journal, 46 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC Alloys, Notes On.
Page 446 - The following phenomena, studied by the inventor, have served as the basis 35 " of the process which forms the subject of this invention : — 1. When the " natural sulphides reduced to powder are moistened by a fatty substance, they " have a tendency to unite in spherules and to float upon the surface of water.
Page 301 - ... additional stream of water being sometimes run in near the head of the trough. The inclination of the trough, the quantity of water, and the resulting velocity of the current are so proportioned to the size and weight of the particles of mineral that the heavier mineral remains at rest in the trough, while the lighter is carried off. In order to prevent particles of the lighter material from being entangled in and held back by the heavier, it is necessary to work the material lying on the floor...
Page 299 - ... table area is required to do the same amount of work ; in other words, the capacity is unnecessarily diminished. What the consistency of the pulp should be in any individual case is a problem that can only be satisfactorily solved by careful experiments and trials. FILM SIZING APPLIANCES IN GENERAL. Appliances that depend partly on separation by falling through a horizontal current of water and partly upon the differential rate of travel along the bottom of the stream have been in use from immemorial...
Page 375 - ... alludes to the fact that the Ball steam-stamp has replaced rolls in the large concentrating-works in Montana. This result was, in my opinion, entirely due to the fact that rolls of proper construction were not used in those works. In referring to the Krom and Paddock pneumatic jigs, Mr. Douglas says : " The result has generally proved so much less perfect than that attained by wet concentration, and the maintenance of the machine in repair so much more costly, that the system .... has not made...
Page 446 - ... tendency is simply retarded by the specific weight, and opposed by the gangue which imprisons the moistened sulphides in its pulverulent mass. " 3. If a gas of any kind is liberated in this mass, the bubbles of the gas become covered with an envelope of sulphides, and thus rise readily to the surface of the liquid, where they form a kind of metallic magma. " 4. The formation of these metallic spherules is singularly active if the gas is in a nascent state.

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