The Earliest Volume of Staten Island Records, 1678-1813

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Page ii - bring together the records of the past and to house them in buildings where they will be preserved / for the use of men living in the future, a nation must believe in three things. It must "believe in the past. It must believe in the future. It must, above all, believe in the capacity of its people so to learn from the past that they can gain in judgment for the creation of the future.
Page i - SERVICE DIVISION Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner Agnes S. Cronin, Chief Regional Supervisor Joseph L Ginniff, Director City of New York WORK PROJECTS ADMINISTRATION Howard 0. Hunter, Commissioner RC Branion, Regional Director Irving VA Huie, Administrator for the City of New York "TO BRING TOGETHER THE RECORDS OF THE PAST AND TO HOUSE THEM IN BUILDINGS WHERE TH'EY WILL BE PRESERVED FOR THE USE OF HEN LIVING IN THE ^ FUTURE, A NATION MUST BELIEVE IN THREE THINGS..
Page 60 - His ear mark was a crop on the top of the right ear and a half penny on the under side of the left ear.
Page x - ... the flag of the United States, the stripes representing the original States of the Union, and stars those annexed since. STATEN ISLAND, 1, belonging to New York State (52), and comprising the county of Richmond; is a picturesque island (14 m. long), 5 m. SW. of New York, separated from Long Island by the Narrows and from New Jersey by the Kill van Kull and Staten Island Sound; pretty watering-villages skirt its shores, and Forts Richmond and Wadsworth guard the entrance to the Narrows. 2, A lofty,...
Page 35 - Vertue of an act of General Assembly of the Province of New York, made in the Seaventh year of the Reign of our Lady the Queen aforesaid, "entitled an Act for preventing the conspiracy of slaves," by the oath of twelve Jurors it is presented that Clause a Negro man.
Page xliv - Extract from the Journal of the Voyage of the Half Moon. Henry Hudson, Master, From the Netherlands to the coast of North-America in the Year 1609 by Robert Juet. Mate. Republished by the NY Hist. Soc. Col. Ser. 2. NY 1841.
Page x - Charles W. Leng and William T. Davis, Staten Island and Its People (5 vols.; New York: Lewis Historical Pub.
Page vi - The Historical Records Survey, a nation-wide program inaugurated in January 1936 under the national directorship of Dr. Luther H. Evans, operates in each state of the United States and the District of-Columbia. It is under the administrative supervision of the Division of Professional and Service Projects of the Work Projects Administration. On March i, 1940, Mr. Sargent B.
Page vi - Child. These objectives include: inventories of all state, county, and municipal archives; inventories of all church archives together with denominational histories and notes on Church organization and records systems; guides to manuscript depositories and calendars of their major collections; and checklists of American Imprints prior to 1877i showing library in which each is available.
Page xxxv - our house at the head of Fresh Kills and the plancks thereunto belonging, which formerly was built for the Dutch congregation.

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