The electric furnace in iron and steel production

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"The Electrician" printing and publishing company, limited, 1907 - Technology & Engineering - 66 pages

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Page 71 - CARTER, ET Motive Power and Gearing for Electrical Machinery. A Treatise on the Theory and Practice of the Mechanical Equipment of Power Stations for Electric supply and for Electric Traction.
Page 73 - Exercises in Practical Electrical Measurements and Testing. For each of these Exercises a four-page Report Sheet has been prepared, two pages of which are occupied with a condensed account of the theory and practical instructions...
Page 72 - Contents.—After an introductory chapter, which attempts to explain the fundamental ideas and the terminology, an account is given of the methods which are usually employed to measure the magnetic quality of metals. Examples are then quoted, showing the results of such measurements for various specimens of iron, steel, nickel and cobalt. A chapter on Magnetic Hysteresis follows, and then the distinctive features of induction by very weak and by very strong magnetic forces are separately described,...
Page 73 - Laboratory. Each Form is supplied either singly at 4d. nett, or at 3s. 6d. per dozen nett (assorted or otherwise as required) ; in sets of any three at Is. nett ; or the set of (about) Twenty Elementary (or Advanced) Exercises can be obtained, price 5s.
Page 80 - MINES.—Under the new Rules and Regulations concerning the Use of Electricity in Mining Operations, it is compulsory that directions for the effective Treatment of Cases of Apparent Death from Electric Shock be conspicuously placed in certain prescribed positions in the Mines. A set of these DIRECTIONS, with illustrations showing the method of application, accompanied by PRECAUTIONS to be adopted to prevent danger from the electric current, and INSTRUCTIONS for dealing with BROKEN ELECTRIC WIRES,...
Page 78 - This work describes the procedure on board ship when removing a fault or break in a submerged cable and the mechanical gear used in different vessels for this purpose ; and considers the best and most recent practice as regards the electrical tests in use for the detection and localisation ol faults, and the various difficulties that occur to the beginner.
Page 73 - Author has, accordingly, rewritten the greater part of the chapters, and availed himself of various criticisms, with the desire of removing mistakes and remedying defects of treatment. In the hope that this will be found to render the book still useful to the increasing numbers of those who are practically engaged in alternating- current work, he has sought, as far as possible, to avoid academic methods and keep in touch with the necessities of the student who...
Page 72 - Submarine Cable Testing in the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company's service, and have embodied their experience in a Guide for the use of those in the Telegraph Service who desire to qualify themselves for the examinations which the Cable Companies have recently instituted. To those desirous of entering the Cable Service, Messrs. Fisher and Darby's book is indispensable, as it is now necessary for probationers to pass these examinations as part of the qualification for service.
Page 76 - ... electricity — without at least a rudimentary knowledge of which no mining official can now be considered adequately trained. Particular attention has been devoted to the problem of safe shot firing in coal mines, and an attempt...

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