The Enemy

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Page 284 - ... she sank into a chair and covered her face with her hands. "What is the matter?
Page 251 - That is a remarkable narrative, Pasquale," answered the Prince, laughing loudly, " but it seems very credible. Go and send for Gigi Secchi if he is still in the neighbourhood, and bring him here, and let us have the story from his own lips.
Page 195 - He swayed as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, but it was from weariness.
Page 118 - Aunt Peggy, the mistress of the cabin, was leaning over the low gate ; her arms were uplifted, as if in entreaty or adjuration. He started at sight of the approaching figure, and walked rapidly forward. He had a white flower in his hand. His face was turned away, and for a moment it seemed as if he were about to pass his betrothed without a greeting. But as she stepped aside he paused, and said, abruptly : "I am going away, Cecil. I — I think it is best.
Page 244 - ... held most dear, in spite of man, in spite of God ! There was no reason for this, there was no explanation, there was no possible way of understanding; but he must feel that taste upon his tongue!
Page 188 - How foolish she had been not to have seen through him to this creature of base clay! It had not seemed possible that there could be anything but good in him. Oh, why had he destroyed her ideals ! Why ! She had been so happy, so proud in his love, and in her own!
Page 261 - ... 20:28), in words and works, in joy and pain, in grandeur and abasement, in miracles, and in the distress of bitter death. With his whole heart and his whole soul, and with all his strength (Deut 6:5) in each and every circumstance, he was ready to perfect what was wanting on our part. And thus he uplifted us and drew us up by his divine power and his human justice to our first dignity and to our liberty (Gal 4:31), in which we were created and loved, and to which we are now...
Page 242 - What was it? A taste on the tongue, a numbing of the brain, an exhilaration of the blood, and then a paralysis of every single thing, physical, mental...
Page 306 - Tavy, her poor little white chiffon frock damp and wilted; and in her face was the grayness of the dawn, in her eyes the deadness of the morning stars. "Daddy!
Page 187 - Resentment rose fast in her and became anger. She was furious with him! She loathed him! She despised herself for ever having...

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