The First County Park System: A Complete History of the Inception and Development of the Essex County Parks of New Jersey

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J.S. Ogilvie publishing Company, 1905 - Essex County (N.J.) - 300 pages
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Page 74 - ... and impartially to perform the duties of his office, which oath or affirmation shall be filed with the clerk of the county wherein the commission of which he is a member is appointed ; every such commission shall annually choose from among its members a president and treasurer, and appoint a clerk or secretary and such other officers and employees as it may deem necessary to carry out the purposes of this act...
Page 23 - Said commissioners shall consider the advisability of laying out ample open spaces for the use of the public, in the towns and cities in the vicinity of Boston, and shall have authority to make maps and plans of such spaces and to collect such other information in relation thereto as it may deem expedient, and shall report to the next general court, on or before the first Wednesday of February, a comprehensive plan for laying out, acquiring and maintaining such open spaces.
Page 289 - ... and ratables of the county. "If in any year the park commission shall certify to the board of chosen freeholders that an amount less than the minimum hereinbefore prescribed is needed for the maintenance of the park system during that year...
Page 294 - ... have been many excellent and public-spirited men who have served as Commissioners there. The Fairmount Park Commission of Philadelphia is composed of sixteen members : Five are appointed by the District Court, five by the Court of Common Pleas, and six members of the city government — the Mayor, presidents of the Select and Common Councils, Commissioner of City Property, the Chief P^ngineer and the Chief Water Works Engineer — are members ex-officio. While the appointees have usually been...
Page 289 - ... (1-8) of one (1) mill for each dollar of the assessed valuation of the taxable property of the state, which amount when so levied and collected is appropriated to the university fund...
Page 87 - The experience of other localities shows that park development has been materially assisted by liberal gifts of land and money, and in almost every community the park systems are a monument not only to the wise public policy but to private benefaction as well.
Page 289 - The bill provided for a mandatory insertion by the free holders, in the county tax levy each year, of "not less than one-half of one mill on the dollar, nor more than threefourths of a mill on the dollar, of the assessed valuation of the taxable property and ratables of the said county...
Page 155 - Commission can expend the balance still on hand in completing, as far as possible, the land purchases within the areas already selected, and in bringing the city parks to such condition as will make them useful in a measure to the public. But for more perfect development of the parks, for the acquirement of some further lands to improve the outlines of these parks, and especially for the expense of parkways, the need of which becomes more obvious as the system is developed and appreciated, the commission...
Page 64 - Democratic City Committee early in April, 1895, in the adoption of a resolution disfavoring the law and the appointive, instead of the elective method provided for the selection of commissioners. Among the earnest advocates of the park system perhaps there was no one man who had been more earnest or active, or whose influence had been more effectually brought to bear in holding the enterprise on the lines as originally proposed than William A.
Page 175 - ... when the strings are pulled by the man in power behind the scenes. A chapter might also be of interest accurately describing the shifting of position of some of these officials ; first upon the one side, and then upon the other of the same identical question, when their opinions and services were needed to comply with the needs and exigencies of the corporations as from time to time these requirements developed. TOPICS OP GENERAL INTEREST.

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