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Houghton Mifflin, 1900 - Birds - 245 pages

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Page 176 - Come, fill the Cup, and in the fire of Spring Your Winter-garment of Repentance fling: The Bird of Time has but a little way To flutter — and the Bird is on the Wing.
Page 25 - On the first of these occasions, although I was eight days later than I had been the year before (June 19th instead of June llth), the diapensia was just coming into somewhat free bloom, while the sandwort showed only here and there a stray flower, and the geum was only in bud. The dwarf paper birch (trees of no one knows what age, matting the ground) was in blossom, with large handsome catkins, while Cutler's willow was already in fruit, and the crowberry likewise. The willow, like the birch, has...
Page 17 - ... it sing in eastern Massachusetts. My latest delightful experience of this kind was on the 29th of May last (1889), while I was hastening to a railway train within the limits of Boston. Preoccupied as I was, and faintly as the notes came to me, I recognized them instantly ; for while the gray-cheek's song bears an evident resemblance to the veery's (which I had heard within five minutes), the two are so unlike in pitch and rhythm that no reasonably nice ear ought ever to confound them. The bird...
Page 247 - A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivera. By HENRY D. THOREAU. Crown 8vo, gilt top, $1.50. Birds and Bees. By JOHN BURROUGHS. "With an Introduction by MARY E. BURT, of Chicago. 16mo, paper covers, 15 cents, net. Birds and Poets, with Other Papers. By JOHN BURROUGHS. 16mo, gilt top, $1.25. Birds in the Bush. By BRADFORD TORREY.
Page 247 - Woods ; Camping Out ; A Wilderness Romance ; What Some People call Pleasure. By CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER. 16mo, paper covers, 15 cents, net. The American Horsewoman. By ELIZABETH KARK. Illustrated. New Edition. 16mo, $1.25. At the North of Bearcamp Water. Chronicles of a Stroller in New England from July to December. By FRANK BOLLES. Ib'mo, $1.25. Autumn : From the Journal of Thoreau. Edited by HG 0.
Page 248 - Land of the Lingering Snow. Chronicles of a Stroller in New England from January to June. By FRANK BOLLES.
Page 249 - Oogs, by PG Hamerton ; In the Hemlocks, by John Burroughs ; A Winter Walk, by HD Thoreau ; Birds and Bird Voices, by N. Hawthorne; The Fens, by C.
Page 250 - ICmo, paper covers, 15 cents, net. The Shaybacks in Camp. Ten Summers under Canvas By SAMUEL J. and ISABEL C. BARROWS. With Map of Lake Memphremagog. 16mo, $1.00. Signs and Seasons. By JOHN BURROUGHS.
Page 241 - I hate those trees that never lose their foliage : They seem to have no sympathy with Nature : Winter and Summer are alike to them. The broad and billowy summits of yon monstrous trees, one would imagine, were made for the storms to rest upon when they are tired of raving. And what bark ! It occurs to me, Epicurus, that I have rarely seen climbing plants attach themselves to these trees, as they do to the oak, the maple, the beech...

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