The Forest Trees of Travancore

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Periodical Expert Book Agency, 1908 - Trees - 456 pages
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Page vii - ... 5. The broad features of the system are, that vowels are pronounced as in Italian and consonants as in English. 6. One accent only is used — the acute — to denote the syllable on which stress is laid.
Page 177 - The wood is highly valued on account of its great strength and toughness, but it splits in seasoning and unless kept dry is not very durable. It is used for axe-handles, poles for carrying loads, axles of carts, in the construction of furniture, for agricultural implements and in shipbuilding.
Page 357 - The wood is esteemed of little value, but is durable under water, and therefore used for well-curbs. If carefully cut and seasoned it has a pretty grain and good texture, and can be made into furniture.
Page 158 - The wood seasons, works and polishes well, and is fairly durable. It is used for sugar-cane crushers, oil-mills, furniture, well-curbs and wheel-work ; in South India for boats. In the Andamans, where trees of large size are procurable, it is used for building, but more usually for house-posts. It is often grown as an avenue tree, but its roots do not penetrate very deep. It grows...
Page 173 - The wood takes a good polish and is fairly durable ; it is used for furniture, carts, agricultural implements and house-building.
Page 361 - The leaves, bark and fruit are used in native medicine, and the bark gives a tenacious milky juice which hardens into a substance resembling gutta-percha.
Page 282 - ... 85, during the rains between 77 and 87, during autumn between 71 and 81% * while the mean annual temperature which suits it best lies between 72C and 81V YOUHO TEAK TREES.
Page 175 - P = 806 and 820. The wood is apt to split in seasoning and is not easy to work. It is used for carts, agricultural implements, boats and for building. It gives a brown transparent gum. The bark is used as a tonic and to heal wounds. The white wax insect, Ceroplastes ceriferus, Sign., is often found on its leaves in Chota Nagpore (V. Ball, MA, " Jungle Life in India,
Page 197 - The chief timber tree of Assam, Eastern Bengal and Chittagong, and one of the most important of the trees of Burma.
Page 351 - ... perfectly resembles that of human ordure, that one cannot perceive the smallest difference between them. When the tree is rasped and the raspings are sprinkled with water, the stench is quite intolerable. It is nevertheless taken internally by the Singalese as an efficacious remedy.

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